VACAVILLE (AP) — A Vacaville teacher is seeking a restraining order against a middle school student she accuses of threatening and purposely tripping her during class.

Vaca Pena Middle School teacher Julie Davis said she is worried the 13-year-old student will seek retaliation after being suspended for five days following the Nov. 15 incident.

The 62-year-old Davis filed papers in Solano County Superior Court last week seeking an order forcing the student to stay at least 10 yards away from her.

Davis said the boy threatened to punch her and tripped her after refusing her requests to move his chair, which was blocking a classroom aisle.

She said she fell and suffered a broken arm and dislocated shoulder.

The Vacaville Reporter said a hearing on the request is scheduled for February.

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Comments (6)
  1. Dawg says:

    She should have criminal charges brought against the little punk, and sue the parents.

  2. Patrick says:

    This is one of the things the teachers union is supposed to take care of. There are laws, and teachers, like anybody else, should not have to live in fear. The school should not even allow that student back into her classroom anymore.

  3. DaPoPoMan says:

    What the kid did amounts to felony battery. He should have been arrested and charges filed. Not that the juvenile justice system would do anything about it. Kids have absolutely no respect for authority. They learn this from their parents as well as just about everywhere else in our “society.” All things being considered the teacher should move to a better school district or retire because a piece of paper is not going to stop what will come after this hit the media. The teacher now has a giant target on her.

  4. JaneQPublic says:

    Suspended for FIVE DAYS??? What a weak response from the school & it’s board. This punk cause SERIOUS physical injury. He is a 13 year old BULLY. He should be expelled! Permanently!

  5. Junior Flores says:

    ms. is actually my period 6 teacher I heard about this and I was shocked

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