<a href=”http://last.fm/music/Keith%20Urban&#8221; target=”_blank”>Keith Urban</a> should be awaiting the <a href=”http://grammys.radio.com/&#8221; target=”_blank”>53rd Annual Grammy Awards</a> with some expectation: he’s been nominated for <strong>Best Male Country Vocal Performance</strong>, an award he’s won three times before.

<a href=”http://trends.last.fm/&#8221; target=”_blank”>Last.fm Trends</a> is looking at the nominees in the run up, and Urban’s pattern of wins seems to put him <a href=”http://trends.last.fm/2011/01/17/can-chris-young-get-that-grammy-home/&#8221; target=”_blank”>ahead of his peers</a>.  We’re looking at his scrobbles to see any other indicators of how he might do.

<img title=”‘Til Summer Comes Around” src=”http://cbsrlastfm.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/keithurbantrend.png?w=233&amp;h=150&#8243; alt=”” width=”233″ height=”150″ />He’s been nominated for “‘Til Summer Comes Around,” released on <em>Defying Gravity</em> alongside “Sweet Thing”, his 2009 winning song.

It’s not yet as popular as previous singles, and certainly can’t  match up to 2005 winner “You’ll Think Of Me”, which has a total of <strong>367,426</strong> scrobbles from <strong>87,711</strong> listeners.  The Recent Listening Trend doesn’t suggest a pre-Grammy  uptick yet, but as part of a large catalogue, it’s less likely to be  affected by hype.

As a strong performer on both Hot Country Songs and the Billboard Hot  100, Urban doesn’t seem to have lost any of his touch – but does this  track really stand out?

<a href=”http://trends.last.fm/&#8221; target=”_blank”>Last.fm Trends</a> is bringing you news and profiles for <a href=”http://grammy.com/&#8221; target=”_blank”>Grammy</a> nominees over the next few weeks, and you can catch the ceremony on <strong>Feb. 13 on CBS</strong>.


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