Dance might not be well represented at the <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Grammys</a>, but the category is usually filled with heavy hitters. Last year <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Lady Gaga</a> walked off with both awards, but she could face a little competition this time around.

<a href=”; target=”_blank”> Trends</a> finds out who might topple the pop princess.

The <strong>Best Dance Performance</strong> is always close to call. While <em>The Fame</em> – and “Poker Face” – got the double last year, it was up against cuts from <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Madonna</a>, <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Britney</a> and <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Pet Shop Boys</a>.

<a href=”; target=”_blank”>Rihanna</a>, Gaga, <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Robyn</a>, and <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Goldfrapp</a> are the more established acts on this year’s shortlist, but there’s  someone else whose reach has gone just a little bit further.

<a href=”; target=”_blank”>La Roux</a>, a British singer,  dropped her self titled debut album in time for a nomination this year,  and her single “In For The Kill” has been played by more <a href=”; target=”_blank”></a> listeners than any other listener.

<img title=”Best Dance Peformance” src=”;h=288&#8243; alt=”” width=”385″ height=”288″ />

She’s just a little ahead of Lady Gaga, but a long way ahead of  anyone else. That said, it was originally released in March 2009, and  has had almost two years to pick up that audience.

Meanwhile “Only Girl (In The World)” has had one of the shortest air times, but it’s still picked up <strong>164,561</strong> listeners. So while we’re rooting for La Roux it won’t be much of surprise if Rihanna takes the top spot.

Find out who wins on <a href=”; target=”_blank”>February 13th on CBS</a>. Meanwhile stick with <a href=”; target=”_blank”> Trends</a> until the ceremony to find out our tips for the <strong>53rd Grammy Awards</strong>.


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