OAKLAND (CBS 5 / AP / BCN) — A high-speed chase ended with a crash and a deadly exchange of gunfire between a man and police near the Oakland Coliseum on Wednesday afternoon, authorities said.

Officers were pursuing two drive-by shooting suspects in a red Infiniti sedan when the crash occured on San Leandro Street at 85th Avenune shortly after 4 p.m.

OPD Capt. Ersie Joyner said an officer shot and killed the vehicle’s passenger after he emerged armed with two guns and refused to surrender. Joyner indicated that the officer thought his life was in danger.

KCBS’ Bob Melrose Reports:

He said the fleeing car’s driver also jumped out and attempted to run from the crash scene, but was apprehended and suffered only minor injuries.

Police have not yet confirmed the identities of the suspects, although OPD spokeswoman Holly Joshi said investigators believed the two men had previous contact with Oakland authorities.

Police have also not said whether the armed man fired at officers before he was killed. An employee who did not want to be named at Eagle Auto Company, located near the crash intersection, told Bay City News that he saw the passenger get out and shoot at officers.

The two men were suspects in a non-injury drive-by shooting earlier Wednesday in an East Oakland residential neighborhood.

Witnesses told police that the pair started shooting at people in the 7600 block of Lockwood Street – firing multiple shots – for an unknown reason. Joyner said it was fortunate that no one was injured.

Two patrol cars spotted their vehicle shortly after the incident and a roughly 10-minute chase ensued as the suspects drove onto northbound Interstate 880, exited at 66th Avenue and then turned south onto San Leandro Street.

It eventually came to an end when the fleeing car burst into flames after crashing into another vehicle, a green Oldsmobile, and then a fence.

Joyner said OPD’s response to the incident was hampered by problems with their radio system, which he said was out of service during about half of the incident.

At one point officers didn’t have any contact with dispatchers at police headquarters, he said.

Joyner noted that police have had problems with their radio system in the past, and city officials were aware of those problems but hadn’t yet fixed them.

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Comments (23)
  1. Manolito Gao says:


    It’s Oakland…what else is new?

  2. Biker says:

    Thank god no innocent civilians (if there are any in Oakland) got hurt. It’s just a shame the cops didn’t shoot the other gang member that was in the passenger seat.

  3. Manolito Mao says:

    How about China?

  4. Broden says:

    Biker pay attention….the driver got away…not the passenger

  5. mr. moderate says:

    to bad they didn’t shoot the driver too, and no i don’t care if u think it’s harsh because many innocent people could have been killed, including my father who drives near the area.

  6. Second Amendment says:

    At least the guy died and spared the taxpayer the expense of his trial and paying for his public defender as well as his medical bills. Shoot to kill! Cleanse the bangers out of Oakland! Solve the budget crisis with a $0.30 of lead instead of trials, pursuits and injured police officers. Simple solution, if you run from the police they can use deadly force. I have nothing to hide, I don’t run from the police.

  7. Broden says:

    Agree with Second Amendment…

    1. mike says:

      What I wanna know is, was their anyone on the bus involved, and are they ok?

  8. Tonya Venable says:

    help me to understand what makes it right for the police to keep killing these black men they r some one child who is left here to suffer we was someone brother my heart goes out to the family stop judging and look in the mirror sparing the tax payers the govement is costing us more by stealing

    1. DaPoPoMan says:

      I am sorry to have to be the one to break this to you, but…. 1) These were violent criminals. 2) They made the decision to be violent criminals. 3) They decided to live by the sword and for one of them, die by the sword. 4) Perhaps if their parents had been better they would not have ended up this way. 5) It truly is sad that culture today, especially black culture venerates the criminal element. 6) Of course I am sure none of this will get through and it’ll just be the racist PO’ lice thats be out there killing the upstanding young black men fo’ no reason.

  9. shante says:

    So yall rooten for the police to jus kill everybody wht the hell is goin on in the world today wht if it was you cousin of daddy or anyone in your family would you be sayen the same thing

    1. DaPoPoMan says:

      If it was my cousin or any other member of my real family, not my “play” family, I’d be glad the PO-PO put the rabid animal down without anyone else getting hurt.

  10. SHEEIT says:

    LMAO. Shante, you go girl! No, really, just go.

  11. NRA Life Member says:

    Um, “Tonya Venable”, I doubt we could help you understand these complex issues. It looks like you don’t understand the simple things like sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization and spelling. Maybe you could ask your liberal leaders for help. They know what’s best for you anyway.

  12. my god! says:

    WOW..PEOPLE HAVE NO HEART…WHOS TO SAY WHT THE NEWS SAY IS TRUE..ITS SOME TRUTH TO IT HOWEVER THIS R TRAINED TO SHOT TO TAKE DWN NT KILL.THERE KILLIN EACH OTHER ALREADY..THERE ISSUED STUN GUNS N K9 dogs….shootin suspects arent always necessary… im glad no innocent people were hurt but yall butts is crazy…in oakland n all over..right is right an wrong is wrong..MY GOD HELP THESE PEOPLE…

  13. Kill 'em all says:

    A thief is dead and I’m glad of it. I have no heart when it comes to people who choose crime as a way of life.

  14. marty says:

    The way I look at it is another dumb gang-banger that will not pollute the gene pool anymore!

  15. private says:

    AWESOME JOB O.P.D. By the way if a criminal is so stupid to try to get away from and an endless resource of law enforcement and then try to shoot his way free after damaging private properties and putting innocent people at risk deserves everything O.P.D. can deliver. Taking the man out is one less criminal on the streets and in the system..

  16. big badge Billy says:

    you a-holes better hope some law can help any of you

  17. big badge Billy says:

    The law is the law. some respect others do not. Be aware

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