LIVERMORE (KCBS)- Livermore police say they are taking proactive steps to get ahead of a recent increase in gang activity.

Workers have been busy painting over some of the gang tagging on local business. Livermore police say that over the past several months there has been an increase in gang-related crimes including vandalism, assaults and weapons violations.

KCBS’ Chris Filippi Reports:

”Unfortunately, due to recent events, and everything with the economy, we had to concentrate on calls for service and patrol, meaning that some of the officers who were only assigned to gang activity had to be reassigned during that time,” said Livermore Police Lt. Matthew Sarsfield.

But now, Sarsfield said some officers will be refocused on gang members.

”We’re hitting them from all sides,” said Sarsfield. “And that’s not only at schools, but also at probation, parole, other police departments and the community. So we’re off to a good start so far.”

Local parents say they’re glad Livermore Police are taking steps now.

”We have a small community of people and we know all the parents, and all of the kids, so I don’t worry about it at this age, but in high school it’s going to be a concern,” said one mother.

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Comments (7)
  1. P says:

    You are naive- not all gangs are hispanic even in Livermore. Get rid of all gangs they are terrorists praying upon our weak children. Stop the liberals that continue to do everything to hurt family values-break down of family unit= gangs

    1. Not "P" says:

      I would imagine most gang members would be conservative, so it’s odd to blame liberals for their existence. Think about it, any gang member would be a fan of smaller govt, less taxation and less gun control. And weak children? More a reflection on the parent, methinks. How about we try to separate political ideology (which has no impact here) and focus on the people involved. Gangs are a family unit that is built from the local environment and is based on a psychology of intimidation and rhetoric of fear (like right-wing politics). As we have seen, there is no effective way to eliminate those jerks, so trying to police them when their outbursts effect society is the only proper method of control. As a Livermore resident, I applaud any attempts to eliminate organized crime organizations and I don’t really think looking to identify their ethnic background or the possible social formula that created a situation in which they can exist is germane to the conversation at all. “P”, you make me sad. Good thing I can teach my children to be more open than you and when their time comes, they can put all this Liberal vs Conservative bs in its place.

  2. LivermoreBlows says:

    Hahaha, livermore pd is incompetent. They could not get rid of a case of crabs, they sure won’t do anything about gangs. They’re too busy not doing their jobs.

  3. lorenzo moreno says:

    I think this is a step in the right direction for livermore. to many cities let gang activity get out of control and then it is to late to stop it, just like drugs are. gangs should never be given the opportunity to grow since the only thing gangs do is commit crimes on the innocent. while we are off fighting wars this country is falling apart. its time to change the out dated laws this country has and start taking a stand against anything that endangers the lives of our children and the innocent. Guess i said a mouth full.

  4. Kris Noceda says:

    Nice coverage. For more local Livermore coverage visit The local community news website also covered this topic on recent gang activity here:

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