DUBLIN (KCBS) – It’s been more than two decades since Ilene Misheloff went missing in Dublin.

The then 13-year-old was last seen on January 30, 1989 at the intersection of San Ramon Road and Amador Boulevard.

Her father, Mike Misheloff, said despite being missing for 22 years, he and his wife Maddi will never stop searching for their daughter.

“We’ve seen where Jaycee Dugard returned after 18 years. And that just renewed the hope that we have,” he said.

KCBS’ Chris Filippi Reports:

Ilene’s mother Maddi said there will be a candlelight vigil Monday night that will include a walk along the path her daughter was following when she disappeared.

“The reason behind this walk is to let Ilene know we’re still looking for her,” she said. “Everybody knows we’re still looking for her and hopefully to encourage somebody who has information about her that they’ve been holding back to please come forward.”

The Misheloff family has led the walk every year since Ilene went missing. Monday’s vigil will conclude with a short prayer service at St. Raymond Catholic Church on Shannon Avenue in Dublin.

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Comments (6)
  1. mscott says:

    these poor people. I can’t judge them, I’d probably be hanging on too, but what is it that they want to know. Likely their child is dead, yes there have been incredible cases like Duggard but there is also something called crime statistics and way more than likely this person was killed a long time ago.

  2. Dogma says:

    They’re Catholic. So of course they are hanging on due to guilt, isn’t that how the Catholic church functions. Everyone is guilty but the church itself. That’s why they have so many child molesters and they harbor them.

    1. Melissa says:

      They are Jewish, dummy. Check your facts before you start some insulting monologue.

  3. Gina E says:

    Yes please keep looking, I have hopes that she will be found!!!!! I’ve been thinking of her a lot since Jaycee’s return. Please please keep looking!!!!! I keep getting this feeling that she’s in Concord, CA. I’ve been psychic before on a lot of things. Please God let her be found alive! Please check all offender/creeps backyards! PLEASE FIND HER!!!!!!!!!!! (Read Jaycee Dugard’s book to be one up on the creeps and the tricks they play, things are going to change!)

  4. Cindy Pettit says:

    I was a fellow skater at the rink where Illene skated when she was abducted. Over the past 20+ years, I have always thought about her and her family. Jaycee has given us all hope that is some chance that she could be living a life of fear and has no way of telling anyone. Answers would be nice just so the family can be at peace one way or the other. We will never forget or stop looking for her.

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