SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/BCN) – Two Fisherman’s Wharf merchants were slain by a businessman from a rival store Sunday night in an apparent dispute over the sale of similar merchandise, San Francisco police said.

The suspect, 56-year-old Hong Ri Wu, of San Francisco, was taken into custody at the shop at 269 Jefferson St. where he allegedly shot Qiong Han Chu, a 30-year-old man, and Feng Ping Ou, a 30-year-old woman, police said.

The shootings were reported at 8:20 p.m. at the store, which sells souvenirs and luggage, according to police.

Police said Wu, a competitor at a nearby store who knew the victims, walked into the store and allegedly shot Chu and Ou. The victims, both San Francisco residents, were pronounced dead at the scene.

“It’s a dispute between merchants regarding the selling of similar items,” police Lt. Troy Dangerfield said.

Interim police Chief Jeff Godown called the shootings an “isolated incident.” A gun believed to be the murder weapon was recovered at the scene, he said.

KCBS’ Tim Ryan Reports:

Wu was booked into San Francisco County Jail Monday morning on two counts of murder, according to the sheriff’s department.

Police are hoping that two tourists, a man and a woman who were in the store at the time and spoke briefly with police but did not leave their contact information, will come forward.

Rick Havener, who is friends with the Bush Man, was hanging out with the popular street performer across the street from the store when the shooting happened.

He said he heard one distinct shot followed a short time later by six or seven muffled shots.

He went across the street and saw a young Asian woman lying inside the store near the counter with a gunshot wound to her head, he said. He didn’t go inside the business.

Police arrived and entered the store, and came back out a short time later with an older Asian man in handcuffs, he said.

The shooting did not initially cause a commotion because nobody seemed to realize what had happened, Havener said.

“No one panicked, no one knew…no one went screaming out into the street or anything,” he said.

Maurice Tsuts, who works at a camera shop about half a block away at Jefferson and Jones streets, said he heard the gunshots but thought it was children throwing poppers on the ground.

He said there is often tension between business owners in the neighborhood because so many Fisherman’s Wharf stores sell similar goods.

“There’s stiff competition around here,” he said.

Eric Manley, an employee at Wharf T-shirts, said many businesses’ leases restrict what items each store is allowed to sell.

He said some local storeowners took comfort in knowing that the shooting was not random.

“It’s so tragic, but we’re a little relieved it’s not a robbery, to be honest,” Manley said.

Regardless, Colin Fischer, who runs Bike & Roll one block over, said he plans to buy a new camera surveillance system Monday.

Anyone with information is asked to contact homicide Inspector Martin at (415) 553-9183 or the anonymous tip line at (415) 575-4444.


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Comments (11)
  1. Caretaker7 says:

    This is not good for the city.Wharf vendors are creating this by selling Fake merchandise and only concerned about making money.The shooter works next door? Did anyone think that Tourist with children (their source of money) will stop shopping in their stores if it feeds their greed.Now locals have Another reason NOT to go to the wharf…Sad..

  2. Bloodhounds says:

    I was born in the city but I hope I get out of here alive soon! This place has been going down hill for quite a while now. Pretty bad when it’s not even safe to go to the tourist attractions.My neighborhood use to be safe, not any more. Murder at twin peaks a couple of weeks ago and alot of drugs and arrests up at tower market.

  3. stringfellow says:

    This sounds like the women shop keepers in Danville,CA. having catfights over who sells what. What makes someone think they are more special than the next?
    Now that shopkeeper will never worry about that again in Prison for life.

  4. JaneQPublic says:

    Cheap shot…..

  5. Tina says:

    I am sick over this. I happened to know the young man who was killed. We called himby his English name, Jonathan. He use to work for years at the Gift Center, and left a year ago to open this business. He sold me many purses that had nothing to do with being fake or not fake—-just ordinary purses. Jonathan was the kindess, sweetest boy alive. I adored him. This is a young man who worked since he was very young and gave everything to his parents who are still living in this city. I agree with the person who commented about getting out. This ciy is a mess–not pretty anymore with all of the bums and parolees. People are afraid to go out day or night. It is very very bad. I say Death Penealty to this sob who killed my friend and the poor employee. This left her two old daughter without a mother. This is truly a crime. Keep seeling the guns and more people will die.

  6. Lawrence Chu says:

    Thanks Tina. I was really shocked when I heard about it from the Ocean apart. It was really really sad and uncomfortable, especially it happened just few days before Chinese New Year which all families wish to stay together in these days. I am very disappointed and shame to hear about the greed, apathy and inconsiderate comments and uncontrollable gunshot crime in the city! I planned to visit the city in April for seeing this renowned beautiful city and my cousin longing to see. Now this city leaves no point to me. RIP, please…

  7. tryecrot says:

    Yes there should realize the opportunity to RSS commentary, quite simply, CMS is another on the blog.

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