VALLEJO (KCBS) – Three tugboats pulled a retired steam freighter from Suisun Bay to the Mare Island shipyard Thursday to be dismantled and ultimately recycled.

The SS Solon Turman will be de-watered, stripped of its lead paint and most of its 17 million pounds of material and equipment hauled away for salvage, said Jay Anast with Allied Defense Recycling, the start-up that won the first west coast contract to dispose of the mothball fleet.

“Today’s ship is tomorrow’s new Chevy Volt,” Anast said.

KCBS’ Matt Bigler Reports:

Most of the equipment from the ship will be repurposed for heavy industrial work, Anast said.

First, the Department of Fish and Game will coordinate the removal of the fish that call the 8,500-ton vessel home and put them back into nearby rivers.

Then, as it sits on blocks in dry dock, the asbestos and lead paint on the ship will be packaged up to prevent contamination.

Live Webcam of the Mare Island Dock

The ship was due to arrive by 11 a.m. Thursday. Transporting it from Suisun Bay was delayed by one day for a Coast Guard could inspection to ensure it could be safely towed.

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Comments (7)
  1. Biologist Bob says:

    First of all, DFG doesn’t have “rangers” they have Game Wardens. Second of all, the Game Wardens are not involved with fish salvage efforts. The fish salvage is being done by a subcontractor in coordination with DFG, NMFS and FWS Biologists.

    1. whocares says:

      This is just another “who cares” articles with another “who cares” comment!

  2. VisaVixen says:

    What fish salvage? How did fish get in the ship?

  3. bob says:

    It’s about jobs, idiot. Do you have one?

  4. BG says:

    This company does not have the monies to complete the task at hand and has never dismatled a ship before. Interesting that theis company was awarded the contract without it being put out to bid.

    1. bio exp says:

      It was put out to bid and they won…maybe you should check the paperwork before you post
      the dismantling is being done by an subcontractor who is expert in their field showing that the company is doing their best to get started, open an economically needed business….hey…BTW ….did you hear about the ship they had to bring back from offshore on it’s way to Texas to be dismantled…before it sank. Thank God ‘THIS COMPANY…was there….to finish the job.

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