SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)- San Francisco is getting ready to begin the environmental review process to bring the America’s Cup to San Francisco. It will include plenty of opportunity for the public to comment about how the event might impact the area.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

To accomplish the feat of getting the city ready to go by 2012 is a mammoth undertaking. This week a key, and often lengthy, part of the process begins with the environmental review. Project Director Mike Martin said the public will have many opportunities to weigh in and make suggestions.

”What we have today is a notice of preparation of an EIR that contains a project description that starts moving towards bringing that into focus,” said Martin. “We’re really going to start identifying the dates, the activities and the types of improvements that people will see.”

Craig Thompson, CEO of the America’s Cup, said that with the hosting of the regatta in San Francisco comes a whole new era.

”For the first time in the history of the America’s Cup we’re going to have hundreds of thousands of people watching this in the Bay Area. They’ll be very close up too, for example, at Chrissy Field, on the Marin Headlands and all over the bay. It’s a true, natural amphitheater, which has never been possible before,” said Thompson.

Public hearings have already been scheduled. The first is at San Francisco City Hall on February 23rd.

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Comments (6)
  1. ED Shelden says:

    2nd try did you get my 1st coments?
    h 510-237-2207 w 707-746-6334 I can talk sometimes

  2. Ed Shelden says:

    I think something happened on my 1st comment.
    I like your reporting on the Americas Cup event.
    But I do not think you are asking the right question.

    I do not think the people in the Bay Area, California (or USA) have any idea of the scope of this event. Likely to be as big as the LA Olympics.

    The Biggest question: Who is going to pay & wear is the money going to come from?
    This is the money for all of the “Official Government Agency” City & County of SF, State of California, Federal Government and ALL local & county governments that are on or even near the BAY.
    These costs will also likely to be “overtime union rates”.
    Think of the money distributed for the Cosco Bason oil spill.

    I have other question I would like to have asked with cameras and recorders running.

    As far as the public input hearings for the EIR they are a sham at best. The only think that is wanted from public input is money (donations) into some political pocket.
    ED Shelden Jr. h 510-237-2207 work 707-746-6334 ( I can talk sometimes)

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