Customer Shot By Haight Store Owner In Dispute Over Chihuahua

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5/BCN) — The owner of a corner market in San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury neighborhood shot and critically wounded a customer Tuesday, apparently in a dispute about the customer bringing his Chihuahua into the store, police and witnesses said.

The shooting occured about 1:15 p.m. at Fred’s New Lite Supermarket near the intersection of Haight Street and Masonic Avenue, SFPD Officer Albie Esparza said.

An eyewitness said the customer, a regular at the market, accused the storeowner of kicking the dog; that’s apparently when the gun came out.

Patrol officers in the area also witnessed the shooting and took the man who owned the store, 43-year-old Sam Kazzouh, into custody shortly afterward.  Police later booked Kazzouh into jail on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, carrying an unregistered loaded firearm, and shooting into an inhabited dwelling, said Esparza.

The victim, a man whose identity was not immediately released, was in critical condition at San Francisco General Hospital after suffering life-threatening injuries in the shooting, Esparza said.

Employees at People’s Cafe, a restaurant located near the market, said they heard gunshots and then saw someone lying in front of the doorway of the store at 1416 Haight Street.

“I thought it was fireworks or people joking around,” said People’s Cafe employee Nahu, who did not want to give his last name. Nahu said it appeared the suspect and victim were inside the market prior to the shooting.

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  • Jimmy

    Wow what customer service! I hope the customer is all right and is no longer a customer. Last time I checked, shooting regular customers was a bad idea.

  • hajafjf

    hahahaha funny good job man he deserved it

    • cynthia

      Why exactly did he deserve to have deadly force used against him over a disagreement? Is there anything in the article that says the victim became violent or threatening first? You, sir/madam, are an idiot without any credibility.

    • Jack

      Why exactly did he deserve it? How do you know the store owner really didn’t kick the dog?

    • Og

      better than you deserve

    • Brian Evans

      Exactly… men should not own toy dogs.

  • Alma Snyder

    Reminds me of the guy who threw the poodle into the traffic on the freeway. I rooted for him but he got time anyway…

    • cynthia

      Alma, not even the hint of humor in your misguided and completely ignorant comment. How sad for you that you need to beg for even negative attention…so, poof, you disappeared.

    • sfromabella

      What kind of sick person would root for a monster who would take out his frustrations by killing an innocent animal in such a cruel fashion?
      You are morally damaged.

  • Kodiax

    alma, do us decent folk a favor and go join the poodle. at least that way, you wouldnt breed….

    • Angela

      That’s awsome…my thoughts exactly.

  • Not given

    What a couple of morons hajafjf and Alma Snyder are. It goes to show what a bad idea it is to have the public leave comments

  • athenia

    anyone that hurts an animial deserves twenty times the abuse! I hope the person recovers, and that the dog will be OK! Looks like there are some sickos here! as Not given has indicated!

  • kc

    You all do know that it is illegal to bring animals into grocery type stores unless they assist the disabled. But that shouldn’t cause someone to be shot. For all we know this guy keeps brings his rat dog in and the owner was fed up. BTW I own 3 dogs, I just don’t consider ones smaller than my cats as dogs.

    • Heaven in SF

      Folks…let’s not forget that in SF it’s quite easy to get a pet companion status for your dog that allows one to bring one’s dog with them in most places, including grocery stores. If the store owner didn’t ask to see if the dog had permission to enter with his caretaker, shame on him. If it’s the reverse and the dog’s caretaker took advantage of the situation, then shame on the caretaker. I am a dog owner and while I’d like to take my dog EVERYWHERE not everyone is willing to accept that. I don’t push the limit to keep my dog safe and keep the peace with folks who aren’t comfortable with dogs.

      • kopykats

        yeah but you shouldnt get shot for it….

    • Julia Mae Thies

      most of the dogs in the haight area ARE service animals. it is illegal to deny a service animal entrance. that store is known for violating federal ada laws by not allowing service animals in. i have gone through it with them myself…

  • dopre

    Wow. What happened with “Get your dog out of my store or I’ll call cops” or something like that.

    What’s wrong with the people. Did Chihuahua tried to kill him? Was it self-defense?

    The depths of human pettiness and stupidity never seem to amaze me.

  • Segfried

    Unless you need you dog because you are handicapped, leave it at home. If you cannot then don’t own a dog. What is everyone “Paris Hilton” these days carrying the dog around???

    • Lydia

      Why do you have to be a “Paris Hilton” wannabe?? We are Americans living in Europe, and one of the great things about being here is that they are very pet friendly. As long as your dog is not mean, or a barker, they allow them pretty much everywhere. Your comment is ignorant. Would YOU want to be cooped up inside all day long??! You shouldnt have the privilege of having them if so. Animals need attention, outside time, and lots of love… Not just a roof over their heads.

      • Jenny

        I completely agree!!!

  • P.Niggity

    Wouldn’t it be pretty easy to find the name of the store owner and put that in the story? Do reporters do anything anymore?

    • prPrincezz

      Did u read the same article I just read??? the store owners name is in the article:
      Patrol officers in the area also witnessed the shooting and took the man who owned the store, 43-year-old Sam Kazzouh, into custody shortly afterward.

  • Sanndry

    What you folks are not realizing is that this corner is a “hangout” for lots of aggressive, angry, drunk homeless people with dogs. I would not be so certain that what you are hearing is the whole story. Homeless people on the Haight have attacked several business owners and workers in the past years. and on a daily basis they harass customers, locals, and owners alike.

  • marla

    P.Niggity is right on about that..I end up getting the info for’s called Googling. Maybe I need to switch careers..

  • survivingonhaight

    i live across the street from this store and know the person being held in the shooting. He is always extremely polite and kind. What this article does not mentioned that the person who was shot is part of many Haight street thugs and he threaten violence against the shop keeper. The shop keeper did not kick the dog and I bet he just was fed up with attacks and threats. The owner of the dog was out of control. It should never come to shooting someone but these Haight street trouble makers are a problem for all who live, work and shop in the area.

  • An eye 4 an eye

    Why would you want to bring a dog in the store if the owner won’t allow you. It is their store and yours. What an idiot to take an agument to the extreme. I would just walk away with my dog instead.

  • snooze.

    poor reporting. Sam shot the guy but does not own Freds market. its his brothers shop. do your job better guys.

  • CRPA

    remember.. guns don’t kill people.. chihuahuas do.. we should get laws banning all assault chihuahuas

  • Ralf

    The store owner is toast. He will be going away to prison and will lose the store either to legal bills or a suit by the victim. I Chihuahua!

  • Chad Lilly

    @Segfried – You are so right, CLEARLY the dog was the cause here.

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  • Billyboy

    Next, go back and burn the store down with the stupid gunman/owner in it. But out of the kindness of your heart, help him to safety only after he’s on fire and you have him: Remember this kids, Stop, Drop and Roll. LOL

  • jjr

    the customer a long time voluteer with the park donates his time to help maintain the park without pay..the store owner knew who he was shootin for many years.customer is a animal lover and very opioinated i refuse to believe that the store owner was defendin himself. my prayers to the victum and his situation

  • stacell

    is the dog ok?

  • Azrael

    Assault with a deadly weapon? Wow talk about low balling the charges. I’m not sure how shooting someone in the manor described above which seems clearly unjustified doesn’t rate at least attempted murder charges. No reasonable person beleives that shooting someone will only result in injuries not death. Assault with a deadly weapon seems more fitting for you someone who hits a person with a bat ect. not shotting someone. If anything they should charge attmept murder and maybe plea down to assault with deadly.

  • Jenny

    The store owner sounds like a complete moron. What’s a chihuaha gonna do..attack you?? I have one and he is one of the most loving and smartest dogs I have come across.. The store owner should have taken the gun and killed himself..Moron

  • Innocent Until Proven Guilty

    Go inside the store and talk to these folks. They are wonderful people in the Haight and I have been going to this market for 15 years and Sam has always been a real nice guy. The “victim” HAD TO HAVE DONE SOMETHING TO PROVOKE HIM,. They have cameras in the store and the recorded the whole incident, and I am hearing the “so called victim” pulled a knife. So we will see, and I believe Sam has the right to be innocent until proven guilty. So maybe you folks need to save your lip service and let him have his rights.

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