Queen of Pop opens up to Anderson Cooper on "60 Minutes" about price & pressures of fame, giving look at her personal side...

LOS ANGELES (CBS) – Lady Gaga has thrilled fans with her music and wowed them with her wacky and wonderful outfits. But this most public of performers and pop sensation has somehow maintained a certain level of privacy over her personal life – until “60 Minutes” came by. In a revealing interview airing on the CBS News broadcast Sunday, CNN’s Anderson Cooper introduces viewers to the person behind the performer.

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Her fans are waiting to see what Gaga will do when she performs at the Grammy Awards Sunday evening, where she’s been nominated for six of the awards.

What she did before at the MTV Music Awards – pretending to die a bloody death after singing her hit song, “Paparazzi” – got Cooper’s attention and curiosity. So he asked her about it.

“That’s what everyone want’s to know, right?” asks Gaga. “What is she going to look like when she dies…when she’s overdosed on whatever they think I’m overdosing on? Everybody wants to see the decay of the superstar,” she explains, surprising Cooper, who presses her.

“Of course they do,” she says. “They want to see me fail. They want to see me fall on stage. They want to see me vomiting out of a night club…Isn’t that the age we live in? That we want to see people who have it all lose it all?” she asks.

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‘Don’t Call Me Gaga In Bed!’

Is it Stefanie or Lady Gaga? The pop star tells Anderson Cooper she prefers Gaga, except in one place!

When Cooper suggests that such a scenario might be the set-up for a comeback, the diva replies, “Right. It’s a movie…and yet, I am just not like that on my own time. I’m not a vomit-in-the-club kind of girl.”

What Gaga really is is a walking, singing work of art of many types, fashion, music and, perhaps biggest of all, fame, she says.

“One of my greatest artworks is the art of fame. I am a master of the art of fame,” the diva says.

Lady Gaga: Public Wants To 'See Me Fail'

Lady Gaga Cover Art for 'Born This Way (CBS/99.7Now)

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