Berkeley Show Raises Awareness Of Apple’s Chinese Labor Practices

BERKELEY (KCBS) – A one-man show at the Berkeley Reportory Theater paints a less than pretty picture of the origins behind some of our favorite Apple products.

Storyteller Mike Daisey explores this issue in a social commentary and one-man show, called “The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs” playing at the Berkeley Repertory Theater.

KCBS’ Doug Sovern Reports:

Daisey, the award-winning, critically acclaimed theatrical storyteller, decided to go to Shenzhen, China, to find out for himself who really makes his beloved laptop, and iPhone, and iPad and how they live and work.

No one worshiped more at the altar of Steve Jobs than the monologist himself, but Daisey’s obsession with “i” everything, has been ruined forever.

“I can’t enjoy it the way I used to enjoy it,” realized Daisey.

Apple said its chief operating officer went to China to make sure the company that produces many of its devices stops using child labor and takes steps to reduce worker suicide.

The Cupertino company added that its Chinese partner has agreed to improve conditions.

But for Daisey the damage was already done and the images he saw have left a lasting impression.

“I was terrified the whole time. Pretty much from the moment I entered China until I left,” said Daisey in a devastated tone.

“I didn’t expect the massive unilateral mechanization of the workforce. I don’t think I anticipated the scale that millions of workers are being treated as machines and worn down until their joints do not function and then thrown away. I didn’t expect the widespread use of child labor,” he said.

Daisey said he wants to raise awareness, but since most of America’s electronic components are made there, he doesn’t expect us all to boycott Apple, or any other computer company.

Steve Jobs has been responding to complaints from those who have seen the show.

“His reaction was, ‘I don’t think Mike appreciates the complexity of the situation’,” said Daisey.

Daisey’s run at the Berkeley Repertory Theater ends February 27th.

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  • Bababouyiiii

    Some people need to suffer, so that others can enjoy the nice things in life. This is a simple fact that needs to be accepted.

  • Ben Fajen

    This does not need to be accepted. This is not the only possibility for the way things can be.

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