SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – A San Francisco Supervisor wants the City to take a stand against a plan drafted by the Golden Gate National Recreational Area (GGNRA) to limit dog access at many popular federal parks.

Supervisor Scott Wiener is taking on the GGNRA’s proposal to limit canine access at places like Fort Funston and Crissy Field, but opposition has surfaced with the Board of Supervisors on whether they should leash or ban dogs.

Last month the GGNRA released a massive 2,400-page document that states new leash laws would be enacted for many areas of the federal park, with dogs banned entirely on parts of Crissy Field and other areas that are now popular off-leash areas.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

Wiener said it’s a bad idea that would have a trickle down effect on San Francisco city parks.

“We could see a significant increase in the number of off-leash dogs in city parks that will affect other dog owners, non-dog owners. It’ll put stress on our city park system which is already under financial stress, said Wiener.

He’s calling for a hearing and wants participation from the GGNRA, San Francisco Rec and Park Department and Animal Care and Control.

The GGNRA is now soliciting comment on its draft plan and Wiener wants the city firmly on record against it.

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Comments (3)
  1. Laura says:

    San Francisco needs to take a stand for people who don’t want to encounter dogs. Currently there is 0% of SF land for those people because dog owners treat every inch of SF as off leash. Scott Weiner likes dogs so what does he care about those who don’t. Apparently he doesn’t care at all. Think about what other groups he might not care about. There are more whites in his district, so maybe he doesn’t care about blacks either. Maybe he doesn’t care about muslims. Maybe he doesn’t care about you.

    1. Tolerant of all sorts says:

      Laura is confusing legal off-leash dog recreation with areas/city streets that required leashes, or do not permit any dogs. If a dog is unleashed (i.e. “at large”) in any of those areas, call the law. That dog owner needs a citation. The GGNRA issue is about preserving the 1% of the GGNRA where off-leash recreation is legally allowed.
      Laura also has options if she doesn’t want to encounter any dogs at all. There are outstanding recreation opportunities where dogs are banned, e.g. Aquatic Park, China Beach, all school & park playgrounds, the zoo, arboretum, most of Mt. Tamalpais, Pt. Reyes, Samuel B. Taylor park, San Bruno Mt.,etc. And none of the local state parks permit off-leash dogs, if any dogs at all.
      As for the SF streets? Well, there’s a lot of stuff I see on the street that I’s prefer not see, but that’s city living. I’m sure there’s a suburb or mid-western town that I could escape to.

  2. Dog Lover says:

    this is the same comment the same person is leaving all over town. 40% of san franciscan own dogs, Laura. So get used to the fact that we have rights too. You have plenty of space without dogs–if the current laws would just be enforced. THAT is what you should be asking for. The race hyperbole is not the spirit of respectful debate the president asked for in the wake of Gabrielle Giffords’ shooting in Arizona. So please, watch your tone and ease off on the Glenn Beck.

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