SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – California’s Democratic Congressional representatives sounded off Thursday about how budget cuts proposed by House Republicans would impact the Golden State.

Seven California representatives joined a conference call Thursday to highlight their concerns about cuts in the Republicans’ continuing resolution impacting everything from salmon fisheries and public broadcasting, to health clinics, homeland security and education.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

Representatives Zoe Lofgren and Sam Farr said the public needs to speak out.

”This is a government that is open to being petitioned and we need to hear those petitioners,” said Farr.

”People in America need to speak up and speak for themselves, and let their elected representatives know their thoughts,” said Lofgren.

There’s also concern that the Republicans could shut down the federal government on March 7th if a new spending plan is not in place. Democratic Representative Mike Thompson predicts chaos if that happens.

”Lets get down to doing the work, and stop this malarkey,” said Thompson.

Republicans have a different take, pointing out that the nation has a $14 trillion debt and the bill just weeds out excessive and unnecessary spending.

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Comments (2)
  1. Bloodhounds says:

    Republicans don’t remember that Dubya F’ed off 12 1/2 trillion in 8 years.

  2. mechanic says:

    Well what the heck do think those lame-brained idiots up there in Sacratamato are going to say about someone wanting to cut back on all the waste and graft/corruption that they’ve been responsible for over the last umpteen years??
    Those crooks had better get used to spending less and living withing their means just like every “real citizen” has had to do for their whole lives. I hope they all get thrown out in the next big election here too. I say take away all politicians pensions that haven’t been in office for at least 20 years, then cut what’s left in half. Stop the excessive spending on all fronts, immediately! Yes, all fronts; even our precious so-called “institutes of higher learning! This state was pretty well-off before all the public worker unions were rammed down the taxpayers’ throats; and now they think (and probably do) run the whole mess. Glad I’m moving out of this State pretty soon.

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