SAN JOSE (KCBS) — No one is sure how many seagulls have been alighting on South San Jose over the past few weeks, but the tell tale signs on the ground – and on car windshields – have been hard to miss.

“They come and they go. They’re not there everyday all day. They come in, and for a few weeks now we haven’t seen a gull,” said Dorothy Munsen.

As she spoke, a few gulls started circling over the sports field at Dartmouth Middle School and Munsen knew only too well what could follow.

“The grounds over there are just covered with them sometimes,” she said.

KCBS’ Matt Bigler Reports:

They surely number in the thousands, or perhaps tens of thousands depending on how much guano the person being interviewed has had to scrape away.

Munsen said gull droppings aren’t the only problem the massive flocks are leaving behind. She said they outnumber the students enough to get a bit aggressive.

No one is quite sure where they came from. The most popular theory is that noisemakers meant to drive them from nearby landfills are pushing the flocks into other neighborhoods.

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  1. Scout Mandilk says:

    They arrived from a few weeks of flying deep off shore in constant storm conditions while feeding. They’re simply resting. Just leave them be.

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