SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A vintage Coca Cola sign decorating the side of a San Francisco house is falling flat with some residents.

City officials said the painted sign in the Bernal Heights neighborhood violates anti-billboard laws and must come down.

That’s not the only offensive thing about Richard Modolo’s sign. Some residents also want it removed, saying it promotes obesity by advertising a sugary drink.

Supporters of the sign, which may date back to the 1930s, argue that it’s a relic from the neighborhood’s working-class past.

Supervisor David Campos, who represents the neighborhood, is weighing both sides and will decide whether to introduce legislation to keep the sign.

Meanwhile, Modolo has been told by the city that he could face a daily fine of $100 until the sign is gone.

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Comments (14)
  1. P.Orr says:

    Wow, I can not believe how completely uncool Mr. Modolo’s nieghbors are, sounds like they need to move to some nice planned community in the ugly suburbs where everyone’s huose looks the same and all the wives have boob jobs.
    San Fran is one of the greatest, most creative and wildest place in the states. That allows for all kinds of individuality. Coca-Cola good or bad has a history that really does’nt promote anything but bad food choices, If it was a picture of slattering animals or a Nazi symbol that would be different.

    1. chuyo 649 says:

      P.Orr cool! there is still hope! it is a wonderful city! and as long as there is people such as you living in it? there will continue to be one! and I’m out!!!!

    2. Randy Fleming says:

      P.Orr , what means ‘slattering’?..slathering maybe , as in slathered in butter?

  2. chuyo 649 says:

    Idiots! all this is a part of San Francisco,s legacy now! if I’T shame us now! we can only remmeber it; as one of the many bad destitions we as a city made in the past, and not condemm it to be forgoten! or alas! we will repeat it again! can some body said? bless me father for I have sinned?

  3. sam says:

    wow. you work hard to buy your home and you still can’t paint the walls.

    1. hilda says:

      that’s Bernal for you…

  4. Doug Campbell says:

    thats sad. people are upset over an ad on someones PRIVATE PROPERTY thats promotes obesity. how health concience have we become to were if there is an ad for coke, pepsi or candy… its offencive! what the heck!!!!

  5. hilda says:

    been on this same street since 86. It has gotten pathetic in Bernal Heights. You must now ask the neighbors if it is o.k to fart in front of your own home! The working class has literally been harassed away, by these nosy neighbors who have too much time so they want to mess with those who need to work. About it promoting obesity…if you are slim and keep yours slim…than what the heck is it to you??? If you want to make people skinny then go protest completely against sugar and flour companies …leave these peopl and their private home alone..

  6. bella says:

    I agree with P. Orr.

  7. JBlevins says:

    The person(s) that complained about the aign should log in to KCBS and make a justification about why the sign should go. I’m positive the Coca Cola sign was there before they moved in. The complaining person(s) should use their energies and protest signs that promote smoking, alcohol, condoms and other junk foods in their neighborhoods. Get a life.

  8. Randy Fleming says:

    Political correctness run amok..The liberal equivalent of slogan chanting Shining Path Maoists.

    1. WHOA says:

      Took the words out of my mouth. Political correctness is way out of hand. Not just in San Francisco but throughout California. It is not just Liberals, It is everywhere, people too scared to say whats right.

  9. Oh my! says:

    It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, world.

  10. budm says:

    By the way, remeber the layer that put up real offensive sign on top of the building during the election last year, they called that free speech?

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