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East Bay Sex Offender Ordered Back To State Hospital

MARTINEZ (KCBS) – A judge ordered convicted sex offender Cary Verse back to Coalinga State Hospital Friday for violating the very strict terms of his parole.

Verse was arrested Feb. 11 because of a friendship with a member of his therapy group that he had concealed from his parole officers.

KCBS’ Bob Melrose Reports:

“The fact that he’s willing to lie to cover up his tracks and cover up his misdeeds is a concern for the safety of other people,” said prosecutor David Brown.

Verse, 40, had undergone chemical castration after being convicted of several sexually violent crimes.

When he was paroled in 2004, Mill Valley, Oakland and San Jose officials all tried to block Verse from settling in their cities. Parole authorities finally found housing for him in Bay Point.

At his revocation hearing, Verse admitted to the friendship and meeting the man outside of group therapy sessions. He also testified that the relationship was nonsexual.

Judge John Kennedy said he appreciated Verse’s honesty, but that the conduct could not be tolerated.

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  • jc

    Thanks sooo much for your honesty cary but no thanks buba has been lonely and needs your company. Later slime bagggggggggggg!

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