MOUNTAIN VIEW (KCBS) – The city council has voted to extend indefinitely its prohibition on medical marijuana clubs.

Council members opposed to the clubs noted that no city between San Jose and San Francisco allows dispensaries.

“This is just a moving target,” said Councilwoman Margaret Abe-Koga.

“There’s a lot that’s still happening and we just need to wait it out a bit.”

KCBS’ Mike Colgan Reports:

Lawmakers on both sides expressed concern about the uncertain impact marijuana dispensaries would have on the city.

Abe-Koga said it would be better to wait for another city in Santa Clara County or San Mateo County to start licensing pot clubs and then learn from their experience.

Voters in San Jose approved a ballot measure to tax the roughly 100 dispensaries in that city.

Councilman Mike Kasperzak said he voted to allow the clubs because delaying action could turn medical marijuana into an election issue.

“I really have a lot of concerns about kicking this can down the road another year, or indefinitely,” said Kasperzak.

Public comment ahead of the vote Tuesday was also divided. The measure to extend the ban indefinitely passed 4 – 3.

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Comments (5)
  1. hfdghfdghfdgh says:

    all i can say is:

    you’re all addicted to oxygen. get over it.

  2. wantpeac says:

    Good for you Mountain View! I’m so sick and tired of the marijuana club in my one was a peaceful neighborhood in San Jose. I’m fed up with the constant loitering, blasting music, traffic, cars blocking our driveways, gangs, and the ghetto people mentality! Don’t shoot me, I’m talking from experience and I’m have to live through this ordeal. I don’t care if people toke up in their own homes. However, San Jose has failed to either ban these drug dealer store fronts or regulate them.. In which case for now our quality of life in our neighborhood has deminished. Thank you Mayor Chuck Reed and the rest of the council members of San Jose for allowing this to happen to our city.

  3. beReal says:

    Wantpeac really has a nice closed mindset when she/he said…”ban these drug dealer store fronts or regulate them.. In which case for now our quality of life in our neighborhood has deminished…Note the OUR…NIMBY mentality! For a lot of folks who DO NOT cause any problems Wantpeac attitude is a way to promote intolerance and 0.000 compassion. People remember this is for IMPROVING quality of life for more than 100 people–removing or alleviating pain so they can have a better life.Wantpeac seems to forget all the positive aspects and wants to focus on her/his negativity. Yes SJ City should prevent the dispensaries from causing public disruption- BUT to characterize them as “these drug dealer store fronts” really shows ignorance and intolerance. This same mentality helped support slavery by calling the enslaved people names they were able to forget that this was human beings that were being oppressed. …”these drug dealer store fronts” lumps legitimate people who are following the rules into Wantpeac preconceived notions and closed mindset. Its hard to be open-minded and compassionate. It is easier to be intolerant than to try to address the real issues.

    1. wantpeace says:

      You’e not liviing in my neiighborhod to comprehend what happens. You can’t lump all dispensaries as being a compasionate. The majority are there to make money while they can before they will be regulated. This one in paticular has sold to minors, and I know that for a fact! So therefore, yes they are drug dealers with a store front.They expoit people for their own financial gains and so what if the neighbohoodr goes to hell , at least their making their money.
      Where’s the compassion there? It’s no worse than selling booze to a minors. So you are the ignorant one here. Slavery was a horrible thing that can’t be compared to what is happening here. Shame on you! I did address the real issues as stated before. I’m all for people sick people getting their meds, but not like this. I don’t blame them. I blame the city for creating this problem and those who take advantage of the situation. I quess your ok with gangs coming into the neighborhood to buy their pot and reselling it on the streets. God forbid that someone points out problems that occur in their neighborhood, because it’s bad to say not in my back yard. I would like to keep the quality of life in our neighborhood as it once was before. The neighbors respect each other. We don’t need punks to park in our driveways and when told to please move, they want to kick our behind. Really? Work hard all week , pay property taxes, mortgages ect. to be held hostage to trouble makers that don’t live in the area? You expect us tolerate that? You not being reall, becaused you don’t live in our shoes.

  4. Bob says:

    Only ranters need apply, so far, but consider how hemp should be legal, to make hemp corn, from which methanol and ethanol may be manufactured, or hey, learn to like bombing Libya some more. As for medical marijuana, the city of San Jose is about to try to ban most clubs and license only to profiteers, for the trend to ignore how when energy was deregulated, hedge funds took off, but hemp didn’t get legal. DD is as DD does, stoned or NOT, but why blame San Jose behavior o any pot club? San Jose has been and gone gangsta, with or without any pot, born yesterday, paying $4 per, today and tomorrow!

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