VALLEJO (CBS/AP/BCN) – Four elementary school students in Vallejo became ill Monday afternoon after they shared two cookies containing marijuana, Vallejo City Unified School District spokeswoman Tish Busselle said.

Busselle said an employee at a local store gave two marijuana cookies to a fifth-grade boy who was on his way to Grace Patterson Elementary School Monday.

The boy shared them with three other students at lunchtime, and all four became ill by around 1:30 p.m., Busselle said.

A school supervisor found one of the two cookie wrappers, which identified the cookie as containing medicinal cannabis, Busselle said.

The four students reported feeling nauseated to a teacher after eating one of the cookies, said Busselle. They apparently did not know it had marijuana.

Three students went to a hospital and were later released. The fourth student went home, Busselle said.

Vallejo police Sgt. Jeff Bassett said police are investigating the incident.

“It’s a convoluted story,” Bassett said Tuesday morning.

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Comments (9)
  1. BJ says:

    Why do they say the”kids got sicK” all the time?

  2. Anibeth says:

    There is no such thing as ‘Medicinal’ marijuana….. Marijuana is a toxic substance and it should not be allowed to be processed or even released to the public. Whoever gave the marijuana laced cookies should be fired.

    1. hfdghfdghfdgh says:

      go get high you dumb @#$%. it will change your life and open your mind.

    2. curious says:

      Thank you Annabeth. Couldn’t agree more!

    3. a says:

      thats right clerk at the gas station should be fired for being such an adiot

  3. G. says:

    hfdgh you are simply a simpleton. This is not the summer of love. Loser!!

  4. a says:

    Keep out of reach of children and animals …what kids cant read??!! They knew what it was

  5. Michael Barbitta says:

    for adults,,that are sick,,it most defiantly IS medical. but for kids at school,,it is a NO NO..

    kids CAN read,, it says KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN ! that is why they ate it.

  6. LightenUpPeople says:

    Anibeth is a toxic substance and should not be allowed to post in public!

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