SAN JOSE (KCBS)- A young Muslim man from San Jose is filing a high-profile lawsuit against the FBI, claiming the agency illegally placed a GPS tracking device on his car last year.

KCBS’ Matt Bigler Reports:

Last October, Yasir Afifi took his car in to get an oil change in Santa Clara and the mechanic found an unusual device under his rear bumper.

”It was a long battery pack connected to a walkie-talkie with an antennae,” said Afifi.

The mysterious item turned out to be a GPS tracking device that Afifi claims the FBI placed there to follow his movements for months.

The American-born Muslim is now filing a lawsuit in Washington with the help of the Council on American Islamic Relations.

Zahra Billoo, executive director of the Bay Area chapter, said the FBI needed to get a warrant for such electronic surveillance.

”It is also our assertion that the FBI maintains policies that permits it to place tracking devices on individuals’ cars without a warrant,” said Billoo. “Their policy is in violation of the law.”

In response to the lawsuit, the FBI released a one-sentence statement saying they conduct investigations under well established Department of Justice guidelines that determine what investigative steps or techniques are appropriate.

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Comments (9)
  1. JCB says:

    And how exactly did this hurt or bother or infringe on this man’s life? What is he suing for? He didn’t even know it was there and if he had nothing to hide it makes no difference at all.

  2. peace says:

    Biloo is a JOKE! Go to Muslin country if you don’t like our laws! I heard his wife has something to do with it. He must have something to hide that she felt she had to do this. I hope the government puts his low life behind in jail for false accusation and using his so called alibaba cult to sue.

  3. Team America says:

    Dirka, dirka, mohammed jihad!!!

  4. cheeko says:

    Does the word profiling come to mind you racist meatheads.

  5. rhino says:

    they should have used a zoomback that thing is huge

  6. another identified says:

    good catch by the Feds. how many 20-year-olds do you know that travel frequently to muslum countries? this guy has terrorist written all over him.

  7. jon says:

    Putting on a tracker on a car parked on a public street has not been determined to be a violation of constitutional rights… yet. He was targeted, by the FBI, for a reason. Tracking people costs tons of money and the FBI doesn’t just follow dirty liquor store owners. If the FBI is tracking ur movements, u have raised plenty of red flags already

  8. bg says:


    So if the FBI sets up a hidden camera in your bedroom no big deal right? After all, you didn’t know it was there and it wasn’t affecting your life in any real way.

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