WOODSIDE (BCN) – A mountain lion sighting was reported in Woodside early Friday morning, the second such sighting in about six hours, according to San Mateo County emergency officials.

The cougar was spotted at about 12:05 a.m. in the vicinity of High and Woodside roads, officials said.

Another sighting was reported further south in Woodside at about 6 p.m. Thursday. That animal was seen in the vicinity of 359 Preston Road near state Highway 84, according to emergency officials.

Officials did not say whether the two sightings were of the same cougar.

Residents are advised not to approach mountain lions, and should avoid hiking or jogging at dawn, dusk and night, when the animals are most active, officials said.

In the event of a mountain lion encounter, emergency officials advise residents to try to appear large and make noise.

More information about mountain lions can be found at

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Comments (8)
  1. Cliff Flores says:

    At one time I fully supported the suspension of mountain lion hunting. Maybe this is a good time to resume hunting, preferably without the use of dogs.

    1. rs says:

      mountain lions were in that area way before people decided to live there. they should not be hunted. it’s their habitat. people can either deal with the reality or move.

    2. lilli says:

      right… because killing animals for behaving naturally in their own habitat will make us sleep better at night…

      how about not moving in and around their habitats!

  2. tonyj says:

    Hmmm, I wonder how often people are killed by Mountain Lions then they are by Pit Bulls or other aggressive dogs. While un-suspending Mountain Lion hunting, maybe we should open up hunting season on aggressive dogs too.

    1. lilli says:

      and i wonder how many owners of those pit bills are held responsible for their dogs behaviour.. Pits are a wonderful pet, and are very gentle… Teach them to be mean, they will be mean. Just like a human. The argument that it’s in their nature, is moot. You can teach a beagle to be monster and it will be. It’s sad when people stop taking responsibility for themselves and their actions.

  3. Porschia says:

    Hunting period should be illegal. More and more animals are becoming extinct or endangered. Shoot it with some anesthesia and take it to a forest or something, even though I do agree that it is their habitat and people should just deal with it or move. But we all know humans always take over something that isn’t theirs.

  4. lilli says:

    maybe people should realize they are buying a home in an area that is the habitat of a wild animal, and be held responsible for the cat eating their animals and small children. After all, it’s the parents fault for putting them in that dangerous environment in teh first place… When are we going to learn that taking over another animals home, then killing them for acting naturally is just wrong.

  5. Judi Kiel says:

    We moved to this area for the natural beauty and we should respect that
    mountain lions, deer, crows, squirrels, skunks etc.. not only have a right to live in their habitat but should also be protected by humans since they cannot protect themsellves from our guns and dogs. After all, they are responsible
    for all the verdant and diverse beauty of Woodside and Portola Valley.

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