Good Question: Why Is The California St. Cable Car Line Closed?

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) – A cable car ride is a must for any San Francisco visitor, but the line up one of the city’s steepest hills is shut down. In this Good Question: Why is the California Street line closed?

ANSWER: According to Paul Rose of the SFMTA, the California Street line is shut down due to repair of utilities, along with upgrading the draining capability of the system. The line is expected to reopen for summer.

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  • Warren Jabin

    Mr Ken Bastida
    Why is the ocean on the east coast clearer than the west coast. Compared to like Hawaii and the Caribbean clarity. Why is Florida’s coast line so clear and our California coast so murkie.

  • Jia-Lin Braswell

    Will eventually do the work on the two Powell Lines? If so, when will that happen?

  • rs

    that is a dumb question. it’s been shut down since december (was supposed to be january but got shut down early) and there have already been articles explaining why.

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