ALAMEDA (CBS / AP) — A widow arranging a memorial service for her deceased husband is without his ashes after a thief entered an East Bay church and stole a backpack containing the remains.

Alameda police Lt. Sean Lynch said the wife of Marvin Kent Hockabout left a green Rick Steves backpack containing her husband’s ashes unattended for about 5 minutes Saturday afternoon while planning the service at the Christ Episcopal Church.

Lynch said that there were two wooden urns in the bag left in the sanctuary area of the unlocked church.

He said police do not know whether the thief was aware the backpack contained the urns.

No one witnessed the theft, and police said church officials waited hours to report the theft because the family believed the backpack may have been misplaced.

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Comments (9)
  1. Ryan says:

    What the hell is wrong with people these days

  2. Philip Scharfy says:

    How low can you go?

  3. sr says:

    are they going to tell us which church? it would be helpful information because maybe someone saw something without knowing it at the time.

    1. E.M. says:

      The name of the church is mentioned. Read the article again and pay special attention to the second paragraph.

      1. sr says:

        the name was not mentioned in the original article. there’s no need for your condescending tone. if you notice the time that this article was updated compared to the time i left my comment, maybe you would have figured that out.

  4. Peter B. Towle says:

    This crass disrespect for the church and this man’s remains is appalling!

  5. sr says:

    channel 2 has a better article. the remains were stolen from christ episcopal on santa clara and grand. if anyone saw anything, please go to the police. that is just wrong to steal things from a church, especially someone’s remains!

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