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Man Shot ‘Execution-Style’ Outside San Jose McDonald’s

SAN JOSE (CBS 5) — A man in his 20s was seriously injured Wednesday during what police and witnesses described as a brazen daytime shooting outside a McDonald’s restaurant in San Jose.

The unidentified victim was shot in the head, “execution-style” in front of a horrified lunchtime crowd at the McDonald’s at 898 S. Bascom Avenue, across from the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.

SJPD Officer Jose Garcia said it appeared that the shooter walked up to the victim and shot him once at close range, then ran north on South Bascom Avenue.

The victim was taken across the street to the hospital for treatment of potentially life-threatening injuries. There was no other immediate information on his condition.

There were bloodstains and a black beanie on the ground where the victim had been shot. Bystanders gathered outside nearby businesses throughout the afternoon to watch the police activity.

KCBS’ Mike Colgan Reports:

As police searched for the shooter during the noon hour, nearby Del Mar High School was briefly locked down as a precaution.

The gunman, who remained on the loose Wednesday evening, was described by police as a Hispanic or white male in his late teens or early 20s with a light complexion.

Police said they had not recovered the firearm used in the shooting and assumed that the suspect was armed and dangerous.

Garcia said it appeared there was not much interaction between the shooter and the victim before the shooter opened fire.

He said the motive was not yet clear and that police were looking into whether the crime was gang-related. He said the area did have its “fair share” of factions of the Norteño and Sureño gangs.

(Copyright 2011 by CBS San Francisco. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Wire services may have contributed to this report.)

  • fckthedumbjerks

    C’mon you dumb gang banging weenies, just keep shooting each other till you’re all gone.

    • DT

      Statistically – Approximately 150,000 people die every 24 hrs.

      Do you fear death?

      Let this be a wake up call!


      The people who died yesterday didn’t think it was their day to die. We don’t know when it’s ours. This is the reason we need to get in touch with our conscience. Have you ever lied, stolen, taken God’s name in vain, looked with lust-which Jesus calls ‘Adultery of the heart’. Of course you have…we all have! We have broken the 10 Commandments.

      Because of this sin, we are ALL guilty in God’s sight. God’s Word says, ‘All liars and thieves will have their part in the lake of fire.’

      Guilty people go to hell.

      Please don’t be thinking something like, ‘My god is a good god and would never send me to hell. I have never killed anyone or anything.’
      If you thought something like this, you just broke the 2nd Commandment – Do not make a graven image (A god to suit yourself) Also, The Bible says, ‘If anyone hates his brother, he has committed murder in his heart.’

      We are guilty!


      Jesus Christ alone paid for your sin guilt. God, sent his only Son, Jesus, to die for the sins of the world. He is the Savior!

      Erase your sin guilt and therefore erase your fear of death.

      HERE’S HOW:

      Ask God for forgiveness for your sins
      Turn away from (Repent) your sins
      Trust in Jesus’ death, His shed blood on the Cross, to save you.

      Read the Bible, trust what it says, and remain in prayer to God.

      He will never let you down.


      Yes… it would be utterly FANTASTIC !!!

    • Javier Hinojos

      The only problem with your statement is one day you will put on a t-shirt and walk outside and somebody will think, based on the color of your shirt, that you are a gang member. You will be killed and nobody will care because you are just another gang banging weeinie.

      • patches12

        I say round them all up, put them in a gymnasium with machine guns and let them kill eachother.. we will all be better off.

      • Flip and Glib

        No he won’t. Americans don’t dress like punk a$$ gang bangers. Punk a$$ gang bangers are easy to spot with their dew-rags, their facial tattoos, and their filthy gangsta language. No one cares when primitive gangstas die.

      • chivo

        thats called a slippery slope. Your reasoning FAILS

  • Versus

    Send the gang bangers to Iran for priority execution!

  • Aggie95

    just more obama supporters gone bad

    • alan

      What a ridiculous statement.

      • AtlasObjectivist

        No, that would be a very accurate statement.

    • Charlie X

      Yep, heh. lol.

    • CMV

      Oboma supporters don’t go around shooting people.
      Although you are a moron, we will forgive the BS flowing out your mouth.

      • ralphone

        Yes sir just like DOJ Holder writing off on crime, DHS Napolitano “everything
        is fine onthe border. Tired the smoke screens, time to face the truth.


        Perhaps not, but they DO LIE CHEAT AND STEAL to win elections. Check this out, you Lib moron…

      • Sampson

        You obviously don’t pay any attention to the news, we will forgive the ignorant point of view from which you speak from.

      • trayz

        Obama supporters are the type to shoot people, without Minnesota felons Al Franken would still be another loser comedian, now he is a loser Senator comedian… Democats are the party affiliated with the majority in jail…you hate fact otherwise you would go to and read some statistics.

      • meeester

        It may have been the Tea Party gang. Round up all the republicans.

      • TC

        They just shoot out RNC office windows and send death threats to WI lawmakers

      • Wally

        umm yeah they do.

        it does seem that liberals want to ban guns because they aren’t responsible enough to use them. It does kinda seem like they want to delegate every responsibility that we used to think were just the normal responsibilities of being an adult to the People’s Babysitter aka the Government. Responsible adults with any tiny amount of self control don’t shoot other people “bbbbbecause he said I was wrong, wah. they don’t like my dumb ideas.” Grow up, grow a pair, and take care of your own problems instead of dumping them on the taxpaying citizens.

        (man, that was kind of a rant, but im not gonna delete it now that i typed it)

      • theoutlawjoseywhales

        Just another obama supporter acting out. Obama supporters do go around shooting people. So, did you just arrive from outer space? And we don’t forgive the bs coming from your mouth.

      • Thos Weatherby

        Yes they do. The guy in NC that killed a dozen people was a Obama supporter. The college professor that killed the guy was a Obama supporter. The family that was killed in Ohio was killed by a Obama supporter. Happens all of the time. The death threats on the Wisconsin Republicans are Obama supporters.
        WAKE UP.

      • Perseus317

        Yeah! Obama supporters just shoot at the windows of Republican campaign headquarters, like the one in Washington, D.C. Oh! I forgot! That’s ok, because it’s only the Tea Party members that are violent. Riiiight!

      • ztebyllek

        I guess you did not hear about the DC GOP office with it’s windows shot out.

    • John Doh

      you are a moron.

      • HMichaelH

        When you say, “you are a moron,” to whom do you refer? Who is “you?”

        Maybe John Doh is the moron, who does not know how to write an understandable comment!

    • Swift Johnson

      Love how the meagerly outraged voices of the socially and politically impotent “common man” choose to turn an issue of social depravity into one of partisanship?? What the eff does Obama or the Tea Party have to do with any of this?!?! Keep looking for these “leaders” to lead us out of our own social messes… Effing SHEEPLE

    • Jasper Ball-Baggins

      Ummm African-Americans voted for Obama to a tune of 94%. Hispanics, young hispanics voted for him over 70%. So, well, unfortunately….

  • liz

    Sentence them to death or banish all these cowards to some deserted island and let them fend for themselves and live with other trash like rapist, kidnappers, burglars and molesters and anyone violent that can’t manage to live in a society with laws. Why do we send them to prison, its like vacation. They get meals and beds and health care. That’s why they dont care about what they do because there is no real consequence. We need to make some real changes about how to handle this type of person. WE WANT EXECUTIONS!!!!! Stop complaining about how its not humane when these crimes are not humane either.

    • Granny K

      The people in charge tried that once. It’s called: Australia.

      • The Man

        Also called Southern USA.

      • stonewall foy

        you South-haters can all come down here and debate it face to face, anytime. i do suggest you read more than one book, wang long.


        Yes, and it worked quite well for the English….

      • Common Sense

        This country was built on the back of Southern USA. What ignorance. Are you a racist????

      • Wang Long

        Georgia was originally set up as a penal colony, read a book.

      • Larsinkima

        Agree or disagree, that one worked out pretty good, didn’t it?

    • FameMonster

      That’s what Im talkin about!!!!

    • Rick

      You are right on the money; executions should be by way of the crime perpetrated. An eye for an eye….. They tortured someone to death, that’s what they get. Might make a few stop and think before they continue with a crime. But then again most aren’t smart enough to realize that they will be caught. Another way is at dinner on death row sedate the food so they fall into a deep sleep then go to the condemned mans cell and pump 2 rounds into his skull, drag him out and tell everyone he was transferred when they come too the next morning.

      • stonewall foy

        someone told me about something arabs do correctly: put prisoners in block cells with security. no bed. no food. no drink. no bathroom. nothing. if their families do not come to feed them, they starve to death.

        forcing families to be accountable for their inability to teach their children civilized behavior is a novel concept to the politically correct.

  • The Truth Stings

    Obama Supporter Gone Bad. Mike Moore can film a commentary on that due to the wealth of material to gather this truth from.

    • The Man

      How did I know that the right wing cukes wouuld blame Obama? Maybe the 9.0
      disturbed the rock that they live under.



        And I seriously doubt that you are ‘the man’, or any semblance of a man. You are just another sniveling, llily-livered jellyfish Lib suffering from delusions of adequacy.
        Go pound sand, you waste of oxygen.

      • Toxic Avenger

        Try living in reality loser. Just another illegal immigrant who wants Hussein to give him his “free” rights.


      • seab Patriot

        No one is blaming Obama jerkoff, we are blaming the liberalism that leads to this type of WEAK society and Obama is one of those links, SO ARE YOU

      • Red

        What’s a cuke?

      • so con

        liberalism is a mental disorder

      • Ghost

        Cukes!?? Didn’t you mean kook!?

      • Common Sense

        Liberalism is a mental disorder. Maybe Obama can fix you of this disorder in his health plan.

    • jes2

      “The Man”.


      YOU are the one that is going to be jammed back under a rock, left-wristie.

      This country finally GETS IT, and you and your ilk are now an endangered species.

    • Alice Polarbear

      But Michael Moore WOULDN’T film such a commentary, because it doesn’t fit his leftist narrative,

  • Not1tojudge

    Wow really?! Someone got shot and police say “IT COULD BE GANG RELATED”. That’s the word COULD BE. The person is shot and right away the police put on the news “it could be gang-related” and the public go viral with that information. Don’t judge so fast.

    • The Judge

      I will make all the judgements I want. Take your pc attitude and put it where the sun don’t shine.

      • Bob Brown

        Agreed. This was clearly mexican on mexican violence. This is what our open southern border has brought us.

    • jeff

      Clearly, you have friends in the gangs, right? This has NOTHING to do with judging, and everything to do with law enforcement using obvious hunches and tracking down leads. No provocation, no argument, just immediately shoot someone in the head….what are the chances it’s NOT gang-related? Seriously, use your head.

    • Ivan Yurkenov

      Yo, Not1judge, let’s say that you’re smart enough to be a Las Vegas odds-maker…based on victim and shooter are both “late-teen or early-twenties”, the act occurs at noon in front of a busy McDonald’s restaurant and appears to be a classic “execution-style” shooting, based on these facts, what odds suggest it to be gang-related? Huh, einstein?


    • janice turn

      they didn’t judge libturd moron !~ – hence the word “could”

    • vegas vic

      oh yes, how dare they disparage the good name of gangs.

  • cas

    no one cares what any of you think

    • Paul Revere

      you cared enough to take the time to make such a self-defeating statement, didn’t you?

    • Wally

      I care. Actually, reading what these/us morons post is an entertaining part of my boring day. And on that note I’m going to go find a hobby.

  • Mitz

    This is what happens when TV stations and movie theaters allow Michael Moore to announce his lunatic ideas and people tend to believe his lies.

    • bigdumbgod

      Where in this story is Michael Moore mentioned?

      • stonewall foy

        what do you mean, “where is mikkkael moore?” isn’t he the guy who inspired this incident with his patriotic films? surely this is just another incident where guns pull their own triggers? right?

    • DRalter

      What! Do you have air between your ears.

  • Leo

    Its right next to the mental hospital, just sayin

    • Dee Bunker

      No it isn’t Leo – do you even know what city you’re in?

      • amber

        actually there is a mental holding facility at valley medical. All hospitals have them.


    That is precisely why Guns should not be carried by private citizens

    • stonewall foy

      Dear Have Had Enough,
      i am one of x number of million (loaded) gun owners who did not commit a crime today, yesterday or EVER BEFORE … (weird, huh?).

      i imagine you would sue a private gun toting citizen, however, for saving your life or property from violence or destruction, given the rather slim chance.

      do you know why the Japanese didn’t invade after Pearl Harbor?

      i wish you the best, you’re gonna need it!

    • Guns Don't Fire Themselves

      This is precisely why guns SHOULD be carried by private citizens. The criminals will still have guns when you outlaw guns. But sadly, this man is dead because he had no way to defend himself. Had he been armed, and properly aware of his surroundings, he would have had a shot. Instead, he’s like the rest of the sheep who hope that if/when this day comes, a cop might actually be close enough to help and paying attention.

      • DRalter

        Yeah, the open carry law in Arizona really helped Giffords.

      • Patriot Alpha

        When seconds count the police are just minutes away. Why should I outsource my protection to someone else? Could the cops have prevented this? They are very good at marking off crime scenes and collecting evidence but do they really protect you? I’m proud to carry a .45 and a b.u.g. and I always carry! It is not only my right as an American, but it is my duty!

      • Ivan Yurkenov

        Had I been lunching there, packing and strapping, the police most likely would have an arrest. That or possibly a body, either way, the case would be closed.


      • terry

        The open carry law sure did not hurt giffords. She would have been shot anyway. EVERY citizen should be able to carry a gun and bounties should be put on illegal aliens and gangmembers.

    • Bill O'Rights

      this was likely an illegal gun used for a murder and probably by felon who has lost his right to carry a gun. He doesn’t give a damn about gun laws. You dopes want to penalize law-abiding citizens and take away our right to self-defense while leaving illegal gun in the hands of people like this. This is not a gun control issue, this is a murder case.

    • Taxpayer

      Do you know what happens when the citizens give up their arms? You lose your rights.

      “The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” — (Thomas Jefferson)


        Idiots! No guns! this is not the Wild Wild West.

      • Bill in Tennessee

        Um… apparently it IS the wild, wild west. San Jose is in the west… with all the gangs and thugs, it’s pretty wild. Even the so-called “wild west” had a regulated and orderly society, and because everyone went armed (with GUNS) violence was fairly rare, despite all the movies you may have seen that depict something very different. The wild west would have been a much safer place than San Jose is today….and all because of (GASP!!) guns.

      • yomama

        If everyone there was packin’ the perp would have been popped before he could have got away. Case closed!
        People carry guns not because it’s oiur right, but because the cops are inept or their hands are tied by red-tape. The cops are not CSI, thats hollywood. They’re morew like the clowns on Duke’s of hazard or Barney Fife. If everyone packed the Gangsta’s and other criminals would think alot harder before shootin someone.

      • Rowdy Boots




      This is precisely why guns should be carried by private citizens. I don’t know why you scared little sheep can’t figure out that this guy would have had a gun regardless of the law.

      Why don’t we just outlaw murder?

    • Dyler Turden

      What a stupid and poorly thought out statement. Do you personally have something against freedom, free will, and the right to defend yourself?

    • Bloodaxe

      Of course not! Only illegal aliens and criminals should be armed. The rest of us are just sheep.

    • SeanDoe

      Oh, by that logic, maybe we should have Knife Control too. And we could control every other inanimate object that has contributed to a death too. So stupid. Gun laws would only be followed by law biding citizens, not criminals.

  • spankie

    Of course it is gang related. Check the 7-11 tapes. I am sure that the guy bought a “Rock Star” before he cowardly shot someone in the back.

    • american-american

      7-11? Great……Now you are involving the Indians too?

      • Wooch

        7-11 … Indians … That is FUNNY!

  • FameMonster

    Wow, this “gang” stuff is getting worse and worse by the month…..

    • Cyndy Frease

      Tell me about it I wouldn’t even let my daughter wear a read undershirt today because I am so afraid of all of the retaliation going on right now.

  • Asiong

    Drop those criminals in the middle of Pacific Ocean and if they survive they are free man.

  • janetta

    I agree. The police think everything that happens in this city is “gang related”. What about all those people that hang out there at that McDonalds, trying to sell their methadone to people? Don’t be so quick to judge and blame gangsters when no one knows….

    • bigdumbgod

      Bunch of cracksters hangin around that corner, due to the halfway house just behind the McDonald’s and liquor store. Always been like that.

      • stonewall foy

        always been like what? you’re assuming that “cracksters,” halfway houses, mcdonalds and liquor stores have always been in existence. i suggest you consult a dictionary or thesaurus before speaking or writing, since what comes out of you in the form of communication isn’t exactly clear in that respect.

        first problem: “bigdumbgod” is a name for someone who believes in what? obviously not any monotheistic religion. that then invites the assumption that you’re of the secularist persuasion – which would then invite the assumption that you have exacting standards as regards education … which isn’t the case (made clear by your misuse of the English language). i guess i’m trying to politely point out that you’re an idiot.

        second problem: your statement is nonsense.

    • The Judge

      @janetta, Don’t be so quick to judge and blame people trying to sell their methadone, when no one knows…..So take your own advice, moron.

  • Bruce

    The McDonald’s is across the street from Valley Medical Center, which is a regular hospital — not a mental institution.

    Neither Obama nor Michael Moore had anything to do with this, & anyone who claims otherwise is simply a partisan nitwit troll.

    • shuddup

      Bruce – San Fran – ’nuff said.

  • Vedk

    im just saying you try to kill someone dont do it across the street from valley med
    hope dude makes it

    • FM

      Don’t do it anywhere !!

  • gangsters_suck

    MOST shootings in San Jose are GANG RELATED, so of course they suspect this one to be gang related. Even someone with no high school can connect those dots!

    • google

      ya I heard they were originally confused since the perp used the well known Girl Scout M.O. in the shooting ;) – man, people are dishonestly “ignorant”

  • Philip Scharfy

    This is what happens when you’re denied a toy with your happy meal.

    • bigdumbgod

      Somebody got an Unhappy Meal

      • GavInTucson

        Unhappy Meal, now that’s funny.

    • fgh

      Ok that’s funny

  • bigdumbgod

    Yippee – it’s almost 9:00pm and the helicopters are still buzzing Burbank looking for the guy.

  • Doobi

    Men, can’t even get me sum nuggets wit’out gettn’ shot!

  • yerp

    Dude got mcnoogied in his mcnugget

  • sarah

    they mention del mar being in lockdown, but there were actually 3 schools on lockdown. the others were monroe middle school and san jose city college.

  • HL

    fyi: the emergency psychiatric services is indeed @ SCVMC.

  • steve

    Yeah, this multiculturalism and tolerance for diversity is working beautifully…

  • Hank Warren

    Illegal immigrants and their crimes, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    • David

      Like I said last time. Right are an artificial creation of the government the make the little guy think he actually has power.

      If you want to find what your “God given” rights are, go to Africa and sit in the middle of a pride of lions. They will inform you of your “Real” rights.

    • DRalter

      If you know that he is illegal then you must know where he is!
      Did you hear that the Westboro Baptist Church is free to protest funerals!
      Oh, by the way the “banned” book “America Deceived II” is available on Amazon, you can get it for your Kindle too!

      Apparently they forgot to confiscate the shooters gun.
      Never been molested by the TSA.
      Yeah, sweep out the Tea Party so they will not destroy this country.

    • hankwarrenisabot

      SYSAD you have been hit by the Hank Warren SPAMBOT

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