By Brian Hackney

Road To Nowhere: North Of 580

Brian randomly explores a swath of land North of I-580, an area nearby residents of Pleasanton and Livermore most likely never travel.  Brian ends up flying high in the sky in an aerial stunt plane, meets a U.S. Congressman on private land near the famed windmills, and hangs out with bikers at an historic biker bar on the Altamont Pass.


Attitude Aviation

299 West Jack London Boulevard
Livermore, CA 94551
(925) 456-2276

EJ’s Cattle and Feed

7900 Carneal Rd,

Livermore, CA 94551

(925) 960-9074

Livermore Pleasanton Rod and Gun Club

4000 Dagnino Road
Livermore, CA 94551
(925) 449-3616

Dickey’s BBQ

1524 North Vasco Road

Livermore, CA 94551

(925) 606-4200

The Mountain House Bar

Livermore, CA 94551

(925) 447-0365

Comments (9)
  1. vicki says:

    My name is Vicki Chavez and my daughters have been working for Ciao Bella Act II.
    iI just heard that you were going there to interview them? If you could just ask them some questions for me please. how can they stay in business if they do not pay there employee’s?my daughter one is not working there any more and the other is quiting tonight..they owe them from 2010. please put this in your show of them..

    thanks concern mom

    vicki chavez

  2. Tom Everett says:

    Have you ever done a segment on the USS Potomac over at Jack Londen Square? I would like to know more about it. Thanks.

  3. Terry says:

    I watched your very neat North of 588 tonight and as owner of 5 MGs please do me a favor, put the top down and stop making fun of yours not starting unless that is really a problem, and if it is, bring it over and we’ll fix it!!
    Terry in Oakland

  4. Betty Crabtree says:

    Loved the Feb 7th show especially, actually love all your shows. Thank you for the program. How can we obtain a copy of the Feb 7th show, and for how much??? Thanks. Betty in Livermore –

  5. MJ says:

    Great show. I watch it all the time. As a cyclist I’ve ridden in that area often and EJ’s is a great place to stop. I’ve also ridden with Nancy and her cycling club, the Grizzly Peak Cyclist. Nancy is a great ride leader. Maybe you can do a 5 minute segment once a month or so with her showing all the great places to road bike in the bay area.

    Information for EJ’s:;_ylt=AjqNbGjbdTKNe4ZLttnTPCGKNcIF;_ylv=3

    Nancy Yu’s Blog – “The Ride Chrinicles”:

  6. Mountain House Bar says:

    You can find The Mountain House Bar on Facebook!

  7. Sadie says:

    I grew up there.. the mountain house is an awsome place to be get together have a fun time…. PARTY ITS AWSOME THERE… Was at its best with Genie working there…

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