SACRAMENTO (CBS/AP) – State education officials are reporting that about 30 percent of California students attend schools in 110 districts that are in serious financial trouble.

Nearly 2 million students are enrolled in the local educational agencies listed in the report released Monday by the California Department of Education. That’s down from the 126 listed last year.

Thirteen districts have negative certification, which means the state projects they will not meet their financial obligations in the current or next fiscal year.

Another 97 have qualified certification, which means the state believes they may not be able to pay their bills over the next two years.

State Superintendent Tom Torlakson said many more districts will be thrown into financial turmoil if the state does not extend temporary tax increases proposed by Gov. Jerry Brown.

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Comments (9)
  1. Justin Goble says:

    if schools wpuld get back to the basics they wouldnt be having fiancial problem

    1. ff says:

      the schools don’t get a say anymore. the government tells them what to teach. they have standardized tests that they have to prepare the kids for. i agree that if they could get back to basics, then they’d be better off financially but the government has to make that decision and they don’t want to listen to the teachers.

  2. Cliff Flores says:

    Once upon a time, the California Lottery money went directly into classrooms and teachers could choose what they needed to buy! Then the so-called “Lottery Money” disappeared from our reach, to be spent/wasted by the district office! ( A secondary school teacher with 30+ years of experience in San Jose area.)

  3. krissy says:

    well what do you expect when our schools have to pay to educate our children AND mexico’s?

  4. Jen says:

    Get back to basics? My high school just had to lay off the librarian and two counselors so that we now have a ratio 1 counselor for every 900 students. There will be no one to pick up the slack in the library so it will close. You are going to start seeing the kind of basics in your schools that are common in third world countries.

    1. Justin Goble says:

      when i say get back to basics i mean get rid of all the extra activites such as soccer basket ball foot ball golf tennis computers swimming dance trips . its real simple back to basics reading writing math some history thats basics . i have 25 year old employees that cant even read a tape measure but they have a high school diploma and a coolege education , thats sad

  5. ha says:

    because clearly reading a tape measure is something you would have schools teaching!

    1. Justin Goble says:

      @ ha that cant read a tape or add some of them can barley read its not just about reading a tape measure

  6. Codee14 says:

    This is great news for California…
    Brown please explain to the public where all the money is going:
    Where is the lottery money going $250 million tonight
    How about sending Caltrans on another vacation to Palm Springs $100k
    How about giving out more raises like last month over $150k to a handful of state employees
    How about another celibration party costing $100k
    How about stop buying new cars for State employees
    How about selling some of the 300 CHP cars that are sitting in West Sacramento
    How about subcontracting State contracts to the public sector..Less money, higher quality, no pensions, not every holiday off, Look at all the savings

    Don’t ask me me to extend the taxes until you fix the problems.. Stop kicking the can down the road,,,

    Scott Walker come to California at least you make a decesion and stick with it..

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