SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) – Daily deal sites like Groupon and Living Social are popping up all over the place and offering deals that many consumers have trouble resisting. To avoid missing out on expiring deals, some buyers are handing over their coupons to a resale website. offers a way for shopping addicts to sell deals that they have already purchased, but can’t take advantage of.

“You can put up as many deals as you want,” said Lifesta founder Yael Gavish. “The only thing you have to make sure is the deal you’re putting up is resalable.”

Sellers name the price for their listing, meaning that some buyers can get an even deeper discount than the original deal. The website is also a place to find deals that you missed out on the first time around. For some offers, that convenience comes with a price – many sellers boost the price to try and come out ahead on the deal.

Once sold, Lifesta deducts a 99 cent fee and eight percent of the total deal price. Users have said the process is simpler than meeting a buyer in person to exchange.

As with any deal, it’s key to keep track of expiration dates.

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  1. Julie Smith says:

    There is also another way to avoid losing track of your deals or getting too close to expiration date – CityPockets is a digital wallet for all of your daily deals. The wallet helps you organize by category, expiration date, vendor, etc.

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