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California Jobless Rate Edges Down; 96,500 Jobs Added

SACRAMENTO (AP/CBS) – California’s unemployment rate has slipped lower for the second month in a row as the state added nearly 100,000 jobs in February. But the employment situation is still worse than the national average.

The state Employment Development Department said Friday that the state’s jobless rate fell to 12.2 percent in February, down from 12.4 percent in January and 12.5 percent in December.

KCBS’ Margie Shafer Reports:

California’s rate is still much higher than the U.S. jobless rate, which was 8.9 percent in February and has fallen from 9.7 percent over the last year.

California added 96,500 nonfarm jobs in February. There were job gains in 10 out of the 11 sectors surveyed, with only government jobs declining.

About 2.2 million Californians are unemployed.

KCBS interviews UCLA Anderson Forecast senior economist Jerry Nickelsburg:

(Copyright 2011 by CBS San Francisco. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Wire services may have contributed to this report.)

  • Paul W

    Sure, but how many of those jobs are full-time, decent paying ones you can reasonably support a family on? I’m guessing that most of those jobs added were probably in fast food, retail, or other part-time work without paying benefits, which are in fact counted in the job numbers.

    • AWolf

      What part of ALL sectors gained except Govt jobs didn’t you understand?

      • Carl

        Paul W brings up a good point. It has nothing to do with “ALL sectors.” It’s the fact that part of these job numbers could be part time jobs; nothing permanent for someone who needs to support a family or bring in a decent monthly income.

  • Sofa Kingdom

    On the other hand, the unemployment rate of illegals is near 0%.

    • Amy

      True Sofa!!!!

    • Stop Crying

      And yet when a huge media campaign was launched to invite the “legals” to take those jobs… NOBODY wanted them. Those jobs are absolute back breaking work.

  • Megan

    @Paul. It doesn’t matter “what type” of jobs there are- they are JOBS! And as long as “someone” is employed and has paycheck they could SPEND, it all contributes to the economy, which will in turn, create demand, which will in turn create more JOBS. We have to crawl before we can walk. After what the Bush Administration did to the US economy, we will take what we can get!

    • Kevin

      @ Megan Can you give me an example of what the “Bush” administration did o the economy? What was the highest unemployment rate during his term? What has it been since Obama has been in? The deficit has gone way up since Obama has been in office. Obama had 19 months with complete control of the house and a filibuster proof senate and what did he do? You must not have had any Real Estate during the “bad” years of Bush. I for one made a killing buying and selling houses during his 8 years of “wrecking” the economy. Try buying or selling a house now, lol. I used to get mad when I saw stupid comments like yours, but now I just have to laugh and thank God that I’m not as Dumb as you.

      • Amy Hobbs

        Kevin, I thank God!!!!!!!! for people that have some noggins like you!!

      • Amy

        I can answer one of your questions Kevin, the highest unemployment during the Bush Administration was 4.6 percent! :) Gee, I would beg for that now!

      • Glenn

        I would hardly give any Kudos to W by any means, H and Cheney were running the show, and did an excellent job, for the Carlyle Group as outlined in the PNAC report entitled “Rebuilding Americas Defenses” which is exactly what occurred after 911.

        If we get caught up in the left/right paradigm, republican/democrat argument, then we have lost sight of the facts, and the true cause of our demise.

        You cannot fix a problem if you don’t even know you have one.

      • Amy

        Yes, during those “horrible”, “awful” years of the Bush Administration- my parents sold their home, and built a dream home with the decent profit they made. All was good. As the economy tanked during the last few years, they lost their home. Same similar story about my sister and a handful of friends I have.. Wish those “horrible” years were back.

      • Lance

        Amy, you really are ignorant of the facts. It befuddles me that republicans are so ignorant of facts. George Bush left office in January 2009. the unemployment rate at that time was 8.5% and rising at a 2% per month rate. Unchecked it would have gone to over 14%. The statistics are readily available. Here is just one site: .the housing market hit it’s peak in 2005 and has been in free fall since then. Here is another graph. Please deal with facts or you look stupid.

      • TaxTheChurchesNow

        Sounds like they couldn’t and shouldn’t of afford to do that in the first place like alot of idiots did that and ended up where they shouldn’t stay; in a rental apt. DUH!

      • Timothy


      • Grevis

        Actually Kevin, you are quite DUMB and very wrong. Bush left us in the worst state since the Great Depression. The country literally has never been this BAD since the GREAT DEPRESSION (let that resonate for a few minutes…). You need to look up what the unemployment percentage was right BEFORE Obama took oath and what it continued to climb to for the first 6 months Obama was in office. That is ALL the workings of Mr. George BUSH and his radical policies. simple. He allowed THOUSANDS American jobs to be sent overseas. i know, because mine was one of those… Bush sent us on a meaningless war, cost America BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS of dollars and killing thousands! And for what??? WOW…how soon we forget.

      • Glenn

        Lets use a bathtub as a visual, it’s full of water (Surplus)

        The PLUG was pulled long before O’Bummer even thought about being president (maybe not since Kissinger was his Pal), the vortex we are now in as the tub empties is a result of Deregulation of the banking industry, which allowed securitization, stated income loans, credit default swaps, etc.
        The final and Fatal blow was to allow the taxpayers to foot the bill on the bailouts, where about 13 TRILLION DOLLARS was lent to these same institutions at virtually no cost and has resulted in no benefit for us, it has not restored the credit market as of yet, and until we take control of banking at a state level, the problem will persist. google “State Owned Banks”.
        Like I’ve said before, this is a bi-partisan fiasco, IF we argue about them/us then we have missed the point, WE are ALL in the same tub (Working Class/Taxpaying Americans).

    • Oakland

      To Timothy and Kevin – you lost the right wingers at FACTS. They don’t roll like that, too complicated for them to comprehend. They just get the talking points from Glenn Beck or someone of that intellectual stature (puke lol) then they keep repeating it until they feel good about themselves.

  • Steve Wimer

    Paul W is correct. Most of these jobs pay slave wages. The war against the Middle class has been won. The unions have been destroyed. The safety nets have been cut. The rich grow fat with offshore accounts and investments in corporations that pay zero taxes. The rich fleece the poor using government pawns, also known as politicians, as the Obama and Bush types sell out the citizenry.

    • Amy Hobbs

      Agreed! Most of these low paid jobs are appreciated, but who can survive to live on these!!!!!!

    • Carl

      >The rich fleece the poor using government pawns, also known as politicians, as the Obama and Bush types sell out the citizenry.

      Not that I fully agree with you, but at least you were decent enough to point both Obama AND Bush.

  • Darlene

    I agree Megan. I will NEVER again vote Republican! I’m ashamed to say I voted for McCain, but NO MORE. Republicans *clearly* have no concern about the American WORKING CLASS! I am appaulled that Republicans all supported Gov. Walker in Wisconsin! I cannot believe how blind sided I was. Obama is the right man for the job and he has proven that America can and will flourish again! All Republicans are concerned about is taking away working class rights, women rights, gay rights, religious rights. TAKE TAKE TAKE DESTROY DESTORY DESTROY, LIE LIE LIE, This pretty much sums up the Republican Party!

    • Amy

      Obummer is the right man for the job????????? Please explain??? Give specifics. He has spent, spent, spent. Traveled, and you talk about lying- what promises has Obummer kept? He has shoved a health care bill that will destroy the working class worse witht the tax hike. He has done shi……to improve anything!!!!!!! Please explain what has improved?


      Darlene, your mistake was in placing blind faith in ANY party machine. Both major parties’ commitees have advanced thier own progressivist agendas with no more respect to the voting citizenry than as a useful pawn. GOPs employ the trickle-down diahrretic theory because they believe in rare things (wealth) for the rare (rich folks) since they exploit most efficiently for all LOL. Democrats believe in justice-impoverishment for all through wealth-distribution spendaholism (great party-throwers, watchout for the bill). Vote for anyone who states YOU are capable of governing yourself. If someone says that he has all the answers, and will single-handedly lead you out of adversity, BEWARE! That was Hitlers’ exact promise to the beleagered German people.

  • Christian

    My gosh Bush was the worst President EVER! He sent us on a pointless war killing thousands of our troop over unfounded WMD..nice. He TOTALLY ignored Katrina..nice. AND he rewarded the super duper wealthy with HUGE tax cuts, allowing WallStreet to flourish, leaving the working class out to dry!…nice. It took BUSH 8 years to F*** UP the economy, I say we give Obama 8 years to FIX IT!

    • Glenn

      Except Obama has extended the tax cuts, not brought the troops home as promised, has not kept his promise to not hire “lobbyist” in his administration, as evidenced by almost everyone he’s brought into the cabinet.

      We got dooped. No one person can change the course of this country, not until the people of America wake up to the fact that we are an imperialistic, world dominating endless war machine that paves the way for Multinational corporations to steal resources from the countrys that we bring Democracy and Freedom to, like the Iraq oil contracts, and mmmm, lets see maybe Opium in Afghanistan, I understand there having bumper crops since we got there.

      Google “The Obama Deception” for a little reality check, also if you haven’t seen the movie “Inside Job” about the financial meltdown, its a must see.

      • Amy Hobbs

        THANK YOU GLENN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AGREED!!!!!!!!!!!

    • M

      Obama isn’t any different. Bush got us into Iraq, and Obama got us into Afghanistan and now Lybia. Obama was the one who signed the TARP legislation and gave away Billions of dollars to the corporations in Wall St to “help our recovery”. Regardless of Republican or Democrat–the cycle continues to be the same. Lies and deception is their game. I voted for Obama in 2008, big mistake. Let’s think outside the paradigm. Obama is just a continuation of Bush. Pay attention to politicians who “do as I say not as I do”.
      I say we give Ron Paul a chance. Now that’s a man with wisdom and sincerity.

      • Amy

        Yup Ron Paul, 2012.

      • putyourtwocentsin (Glenn)


        I have another fine suggestion, how come there is not 1 independent in Congress right now? We need a third party (independent of LOBBYIST) who will commit to voting their constituency based on real time data collected via the web, enough independents that could sway the house either way based on the WILL of the people. The ability for corporations to donate could actually work for this movement, a grass roots movement of, by, and for the people.

      • Paul W

        Do you honestly think McCain would have done any better than Obama?

  • Kirkm

    @Megan, you are wrong about a job is a job is a job. Replacing an $80K a year job with a job that pays less than unemployment is NOT a step in the right direction. These types of jobs also do not create more jobs because no one has money to spend on anything but rent, elec, water & food. There is no extra money to go buy a car, clothes or niceties. I live in Stockton and that has been a major contention with me for a while…all I see are strip malls and fast food joints being erected. Not manufacturing plants and tech companies building new establishments. It is insane that I must commute all the way to San Francisco every day to have a reasonably well paying job. Period.

    It’s thought process like this…working McDonalds that keep us in the hole we are in. Those jobs are for our kids to learn work ethic…not for people trying to raise or keep a family.

    • Amy Hobbs


  • D

    Wait for July 1, 2011 projections. Currently thousands of public employees who work in community colleges, CSU’s and UC’s have received their pink slips, effective June 30, 2011. Proposals for higher sales taxes, vehicle/licensing taxes and other taxes will be presented to the public for voting. You will be convinced that these are to help us fight the deficit. If you have the time, means and flexibility to get out of California, do so now. If not, continue being a slave to the next “necessary” set of tax hikes which will be presented for you to vote on.

  • Jerry Skis

    No Way!!! They are lying with the numbers. One in Four in California are either out of work, given up looking or are grossly under employed. When are we going stop these guys from Not Telling US the Real Truth.

    Perhaps, they are trying to keep their jobs and outlandish pension? Perhaps!

  • HN

    Most of new hired in company recently are from IIndia, that tell whole story, more job added but unemployment number still stay the same.

  • Glenn

    There is a solution. State owned banks. Ellen Brown has written some great articles about North Dakota’s state owned bank. Google “RESTORING ECONOMIC SOVEREIGNTY: THE PUSH FOR STATE-OWNED BANKS” or “How Wisconsin Could Turn Austerity into Prosperity: Own a Bank”

    You can make a difference, organize, protest, call, share information, bring truth.

    To determine how far from broke we are I suggest a lesson on reading a CAFR, which identifies assets, and income generated from those State, County, and Local Governments. We should identify the assets, then combined with our understanding of State owned banks demand by way of legislature that we begin the process of taking Ownership and Accountability and turn the thing around! Yeahhh!!!!

    CAFR 101
    Google “CAFR School – A Lesson In Financial Accounting”

  • Jean

    Until we demand that the politicians do something about the illegals nothing is going to get better. This country is going downhill at an alarming rate and if something is not done and soon we will all be fighting to protect our families. They are getting our jobs and stealing our welfare and SS. How can we ever think of getting out of this hole until they quit coming into this country and getting everything handed to them that we have had to work for.

    • Jonah

      Funny how no one was complaining about the “Illeagals” until the economy tanked and jobs became scarce. What exactly did Bush do about the illegal problem during his 8 year run? Oh I forgot. He was too fixated on finding WMD and sending our young men and women to an early death.

  • joe

    President George W. Bush didn’t do very well in office and neither has Obama. President Obama is just buying his time and going with the flow like some previous presidents. Obama made promises when campaigning to become president and even the race card was played because he was the first African American to become president. Please, spare me with that. We’ve exchanged one liar for another and it will remain that way for time to come. We americans need to come together and not let political differences divide us. Its devastating to know what this country will become if we don’t come together. Agrees with steve on Obama and Bush selling us out.

  • Irene H.

    Bachmann, Palin, Newt, Huckabee. Gosh I just realized how much I HATE the GOP. OBAMA 2012! Ewwwwwwww…. they literally make my skin crawl

  • Myra

    GREAT NEWS FOR AMERICAN CITIZENS!! But, I’m sure this is very BAD news for Republicans who pray for the country to FAIL! :(

    • Oakland

      Exactly! How low can they go, seriously?

  • Myra


    • UpChuck.Liberals

      Actually, you should say that politicians suck, expecially politicians that in the pocket of anyone. Unions, milti-billionairs, anyone. There is something about ‘of the people, for the people’ and that doesn’t mean socialism, which for the uneducated is a total dead end. Frankly I’m not sure that absolute capitalism is the best but it sure as heck beats the other. If we eliminate ALL special interests and go back to the basics I’ve got a feeling that things would level out quite nicely.

  • larry

    i like turtles

    • Kirkm

      Me too

  • Andrew

    Yeah Myra, you got that right. Republicans don’t want OBAMA to succeed, since their ONLY agenda for the past 2 years, has been trying to topple him. The GOP is very Anti-American, horrible for America. They are just itching to regain control so they can take away all human rights.

  • Allen Farlow

    Wow, another 96,500 low-paying, no benefit, part time jobs that “Americans won’t want”…well, let’s here it for California! Way to go! More jobs that you can’t raise a family on because they don’t pay squat. But that’s okay, California is now Hispanic-majority, so those jobs will be filled in no time…

  • Kirkm

    I’m glad someone chimed in here because there is quite a bit more to what the man “W” left as a legacy. Firstly, as Grevis said, his tax breaks to big business for shipping jobs overseas resulted in a major outsourcing in a number of areas…primarily in manufacturing, operations and many tech fields…like others, I know, I was one…TWICE! The first round of bailouts were voted on and passed while Bush was still in office and the first major job layoffs started before he left office.
    Let’s not forget Gas prices the year before that basically killed normal folks and definitely hosed down the trucking industry…which in turn slapped everyone else around. Oh, while I’m on my “soap box” how can you forget the “no compete” contracts handed Haliburton…boy, I’ll bet that just floated out of thin air too.
    I don’t care if the emperor of Fantasy Land became the next president of the US no one was cleaning up that mess Bush left the first 4 years…especially considering that policy written takes anywhere from 2 – 4 years to be implemented anyway.
    I am a Republicat so I roll on both sides…Obama isn’t without his warts, who isn’t. But a good chunk of this mess falls right on “W’s” shoulders. Next time any of you wanna be Bush lovers wants to chime in you had really better go back and do your fact checking…I do HUNDRED’s of hours of it.

  • Lance

    It befuddles me that republicans are so ignorant of facts. George Bush left office in January 2009. the unemployment rate at that time was 8.5% and rising at a 2% per month rate. Unchecked it would have gone to over 14%. The statistics are readily available. Here is just one site: . Having said that we would have been much better with another Clinton in charge, Obama just does not seem to have a good grasp of many situations and has not kept many of his promises and does nto know how to use the Bully pulpit. Rather spineless. Still it was Bush that ruined us, so republicans please learn to read and research facts, instead of listening to talking heads.

  • Really

    Sure…I wonder what percentage of those jobs fall into the “underemployed” category that offers 8/hr?

  • TaxTheChurchesNow

    Sounds like McDonalds and Wendys are hiring alot of people.

  • Jean

    Lance–you should get your facts straight. Clinton is the one that started this whole mess. Passing out loans that no one could afford. He admitted he made a mistake on national TV and apologized for it. Everything was so good then because they were passing out loans to people not even working. So therefore the housing boom started. More people working to build houses and selling things for homes. Now those people can’t pay for their houses so they had to leave them. Banks going broke, people losing their jobs etc. etc. etc. Then add on top of all of that all the people on welfare. It is not all Bush’s fault and not all Obama’s either. Just we do not have a person strong enough to get in there and do what is right for this country. Protect the citizens first before illegals not the other way around.

  • arsoperative

    Lance – you need to deal with reality. Can you tell me who was running congress since 2007? 5 trillion in debt Pelosi added with her fellow democrats.
    And Clinton started this mess with his housing for everyone plan! Your in denial!!

    • Lance

      Hi Arsoperative, where are your facts? Yes the Democrats were in charge of the house, the senate was split evenly. Guess what all bills had to be passed through the president. It was Bush that led to the runaway and the deregulation, not Clinton. Looking at the housing prices through the Clinton years. Adjusted for inflation they are almost flat. i am dealing with facts you are dealing with Limbaugh and Beck the head of the disinformation services.

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