Daily Madden: Spring Training Ends; NCAA Cinderella Debate

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – Both the San Francisco Giants and Oakland A’s are back in the Bay Area after spring training in the desert, and will meet in exhibition games this week.  During his daily chat with the KCBS Radio anchors, John Madden said it seemed the Giants’ offseason was too short: their playoff run and World Series effectively extended their season by a month.

Madden noted most professional athletes stay in shape no matter how long their off-season.  “With the money they’re paying them now, they’re professional athletes 12 months a year”, said Madden.

Virginia Commonwealth and Butler are both in the Final Four of the NCAA tournament and will face each other on Saturday. No one disputes the “Cinderella” label for VCU, but does Butler qualify?

Madden and KCBS anchors Stan Bunger and Susan Leigh Taylor say no, since Butler was in the Final Four last year. KCBS sports anchor Steve Bitker disagrees, saying no one expected Butler to go this far again this year. John’s “Cinderellaville” rule: “You can’t be a Cinderella team in back to back years.”


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  • David Isler

    Hi Steve Bitker,
    Next time the football “bounty” discussion comes up, ask John Madden if he recalls Lawrence Taylor talking on a nationally televised show about how the Giants defense he was part of had a similar bounty system.
    I also remember when Warren Sapp gave Steve Young a concussion by kicking or kneeing him in the head when he was down. Was there a bounty involved? Did the Saints case make him feel defensive enough to try to try to finger a “snitch” ? Even the use of that word tells us about his feelings in the matter.
    I really enjoy your sports section and especially your conversations with John Madden.
    Thank you.
    David Isler

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