SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) – More then 266,000 San Francisco and San Mateo residents received a $25 pre-paid debit card from Pacific Gas and Electric Co. for conserving gas this past December, but some customers are still confused on whether the debit card includes extra fees.

San Francisco resident Dorothy Janson said when she tried to use the card she was told to call Citibank and activate the card. Janson also said she later had trouble applying the debit card toward her utility bill because it was being read as a credit card.

According to PG&E spokesperson Joe Molica, the $25 pre-paid debit cards do not need to be activated.

“In this case, she was given incorrect information, said Molica. “As soon as we found out about it we gave her a $25 credit and we really want to apologize.”

Molica said the program was supposed to thank customers for cutting back on gas. But he does add, under state law, the debit cards are required to include disclaimers which may be causing confusion among customers and customer service representatives.

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  1. Alexandra Vuksich says:

    Adding insult to injury, I’m a PG&E customer that got the Citi debit card and then got an email from Citi saying that my info may have been snagged by a hacker. So, what can I do with PG&E? I also opted out of having my info shared with third parties. I’d like to hand in the debit card and just get a credit on my account. Or, even nothing at all if they would undo all the steps they took to arrange for that card to get from PG&E’s very bad marketing department to my mailbox. Any guidance?

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