Brutal Fights Caught On Tape At Hayward High School

HAYWARD (CBS 5) – Police have stepped up patrols at Hayward High School following a string of brawls that may be tied to local gangs, some of the fights were recently caught on cell phone video.

Massive fights broke out last Thursday, and were followed up the next day after class. Video, which was posted on YouTube, suggests tensions between African-American and Latino students, with the possibility of a gang influence involved.

Students who spoke to CBS 5 Thursday said the violence isn’t that surprising at a school where gang colors are worn openly.

KCBS’ Chris Filippi Reports:

The school has a dress code, and claims to prohibit the wearing of red or blue. While some schools in the district have a zero-tolerance policy on gang colors, our reporters found students openly wearing prohibited clothing Thursday.

Superintendent Janis Duran said, despite the fight videos, Hayward High is a safe place for students.

“What we really concentrate on is making sure when they’re with us, when they’re under our care, before, after school…that they feel safe and they are safe,” said Duran.

The school was outfitted with security cameras in the last two years, and just won a commendation for taking steps to increase safety.

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  • Anonymous

    Deja vu! This fight at the front of Hayward High School is similar to a fight at the front of San Leandro High School that happened a few years ago. Where is the NAACP when you need them? This racial violence has got to stop and smoking, chewing tobacco and nicotine, and drinking beer, liquor, and alcohol should be prohibited from all schools from now on!

    • Mikey Bo

      its not even a racial thing so get it straight

    • Guess Who

      Newark and DC spend over $20k per spabook.

      Just money down the rathole.

      Teach them to shine shoes and scrub toilets, then give them diplomas.



      • Faanunu

        Correction majority of this land(US) was the native american … not the mythical aztlan This is the land of our forefathers but it a land promised to those that would live according to the laws of the creator. Rather than promote unity and understanding… you promote racism. Rather than promote self reliance and furthering our people by our own means… you would have us think we need special treatment to be equal in your affirmative laws. Were our people wronged yes….. but our people had done the same to others (or perhaps you forget our savage past).This land is the land of my ancestors but others have made their home here as well and as long as the US Constitution exists to protect them so i will defend them for they are my country men no matter what “race”. There is only one race… the human one.

      • Chinga La Raza

        Nunca se puede, buey.

    • Big Tony

      And I will add to the list liberal school teachers and the teachers unions because they are doing nothing to prevent this.

      • Bigger Jason

        It’s the teachers jobs to prevent fights? If my wife was a teacher I wouldn’t let her get in the middle of this mess. How about the parents who should raise their kids better.

      • scott

        liberal,…lol… its the conservatives who dont want to spend money at teh schools you ignoramous.

      • dldavidlong

        oh yeah, coz its a money problem

      • Scott is a Moron

        US spends more per student than almost any other nation and with poor results. Scott is an idiot.

      • Mike

        And I’ll add that you’re a moron.

      • Jim

        You’re correct Big Tony. Spending more money on the schools (as pea-brained scott has stated) is NOT the problem – in fact, it may actually be part of the problem! My sister-in-law has been a teacher most of her life and is soon to retire. She told me that she has many times been personally embarrassed by the lack of professionalism and stupefying lack of knowledge displayed by many of the newer teachers today. She believes that teaching is “devolving” into a political union mindset and that the phrase “those who can do – those that can’t teach” is truer than anyone wants to admit. Of course, she also says that many parents seem to believe that the school systems are a substitute baby sitter and is a big contributor to the problem. So, when the eductaion system can get their collective act together, I’m not interested in giving them one more cent of my money!

    • Bloodaxe

      Clearly the root cause of this unpleasantness is insufficient diversity. We simply must have more of it!!

      • Also a fellow farmer

        Saying that hayward high needs more diversity is like saying oranges arent orange. And im sorry, but please dont suggest if you dont know about how hayward high works. Thanks

      • Fellow Farmer

        Hayward High is one of the most diverse schools. I am sick and tired of people making assumptions of this school while not having the facts. This school is falsely portrayed. The media only shines their not so helpful light when something bad happens. Never do they show up when something good happens. What saddens me most are all of the people commenting on here that are falling for this rhetoric. I bet many of you do not know that we have Hayward High alumni that go to Harvard, Georgetown, Cal, UCLA, etc. Yes, Hayward High may have its flaws but so does every school. The more attention you pay to this, the more reason you’re giving the media to exaggerate the truth. This whole situation has been blown completely out of proportion. I have attended Hayward High for four years and I feel safe and I am properly educated. The school has worked extremely hard to keep the students safe and away from violence. So please, before everyone begins pointing fingers or even speaking poorly of such a great school, do your research. I am proud to be considered a Farmer and would not have wished to attend any other high school. This school has sincerely shaped me into who I am and led me down a great path.

      • Ben

        THEN we can all pee on the cough drops!!!!!

      • Alfonz

        I agree. We must have more insufficient diversity.

      • richard

        Umm, I’m pretty sure this was sarcasm.

    • Chaz54

      Where is NAACP?????????????? Where are the parents? Where are the coddled teachers? You in th SF area are reaping what u sow! This Nanny state, no accountability attitude that you live by is going to be your disaster to deal with… wait, as a top tax payer, it will be mine. Thanks you idiots!!

    • Dave

      Jeebus Christmas, as usual, how about just enforcing the dam rules that are already in place? I’m fairly confident that “racial violence and smoking, chewing tobacco and nicotine, and drinking beer, liquor, and alcohol ” are ALREADY BANNED in school.

  • Tours Martel

    Reduce welfare, control our borders, and create stable, two parent families. Fifty years ago we had those things, and didn’t have gang violence. It won’t be easy to achieve, but it will be less costly than continuing on the way we are.

    • jon

      50 yrs ago there were no immigrants in the mass numbers like today. its way to late to stop the gang culture in urban areas now

      • John appleseed

        Immigrants have nothing to do with broken families, its good old, american, home grown liberalism and feminism. Mexico has a much lower divorce rate and a much lower out of wedlock birth rate than the US/ Consider yourself educated.

      • StaticKlingon

        After they illegally cross the border with their pamphlets on how to game the US system in hand, that all changes. Better get some facts before you “educate” people.

      • Georg

        “…to put current immigration statistics in perspective. With the change in immigration law in 1965, mass immigration levels have drifted upward from 250,000 per year to over 1 million per year. In other words, in one year we accept a number equal to what we formerly took in five years; in two years what took a decade, etc. “

      • Guess Who

        Appleseed, Mexicans in the US have a illegitimacy rate above 50% and a dropout rate exceeding that of Blacks. Consider YOURSELF educated.

      • jonsey2000

        john appleseed, the illegals are not suppose to be here. our government has put these kids in harms way !!

      • beelzebubba

        The first urban gangs in the US came from Ireland (FYI: That makes them white europeans). Just thought you’d want to bring that up at the next John Birch Society meeting

      • Fanny Forbes Franklen

        “Everything thing we have, every great achievement has come from the independent work of some independent mind. Every horror and destruction came from attempts to force men into a herd of brainless, soulless robots. Without personal rights, without personal ambition, without will, hope, or dignity. It is an ancient conflict. It has another name: the individual against the collective.” ~ Howard Roark from Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead


      • beelzebubba is clueless

        beelzebubba, not sure that gang activity 150-200 years ago is relevant today. You might want to check your reasoning. And when was the last time you heard about the John Birch Society? I have heard about them once since the 1990’s. They are irrelevant. Good job at clouding the issues with your delusions.

    • lukuj

      You are so correct, but now suggesting those things is considered racist, sexist, and mean-spirited. We are reaping what we are sowing, and we are sowing it because liberals tell us we must be accepting and inclusive which, to them, means accepting anything even if it is destructive and immoral.

      • J J

        It’s called Repressive Tolerance. A teaching method that intends to make the majority sit down and shut up while allowing the minorities to dominate the classroom.

    • Jimmy Jones

      We had gangs 50 years ago, it just wasn’t widely reported. The gangs were in mostly urban areas, today they seem to be everywhere..


      U$A: THIRD WORLD RISING – http;//

    • leadrunner

      You are absolutely correct. Isn’t it amazing how well God’s “structure” works.

    • Joe blow

      Duh, fighting!

    • Captain Incredulous

      Every generation of poor and uneducated citizens grows exponentially larger. Poor people having babies that they cannot afford, who, in turn have kids who go out and have more babies that they can’t afford, and so on and so on. I think if someone accepts public assistance must first agree to have a Norplant birth control device put in their body. And also their female offspring when they reach the “birthing” age. If we don’t break this cycle quickly we are all doomed. It may already be too late….

    • Mark

      Do not forget God. Lets get back to church lessons too !

  • Everywhere

    The police and DA can get the intell to break the backs of the gangs but they won’t unless the community asks for it and if the money is there. Everyone’s waiting for it to get worse.

  • anonymous

    first of all hayward high can be a good school if people stopped fighting over stupid stuff as a fellow hhs student everyone should know that this isnt a shock for us because we have fights all of the time and last week it was one every day this whole thing got started over a MISUNDERSTANDING and got out of control for the people who THINK that they know what hhs is like and how they can change it and dont even go there save your breathe because unless you know what its like and youve actually expeirienced it then you have no idea its completely different from the stories and administrators opinions because when the administrators come we’e on our best behaviors so that we can get acreditted or actually get funds to change the school so just save your breathe people

    • James

      If you say “first of all” there must be a second point to follow hence “first”.

      • Garry

        I don’t think he was done with his first point (i.e. no punctuation). He just ran out of breath.

      • Eric

        Nice English lesson from you. Thank you for making such an important point on this subjest.

      • Eric

        That Eric cannot spell subject.

    • redneck


    • The E

      That long, horribly punctuated, run-on sentence is the proof of how woefully inadequate the “education” at HHS really is. You’re in high school and can’t even write a sentence. Thank you teachers’ unions.

      • Fellow Farmer

        The E, if I may enlighten you, Hayward High is adequately educating us. Do not judge our student body based off of one student nor based off the video. I would not be attending UCLA beginning in September or be a Gates Scholarship finalist if I were not properly educated. Hayward High has the highest graduation rate in the district. We have students graduating from this school and attending many distinguished universities. So before you begin to make a claim, make sure your premises is not faulty. Your argument is illogical and absurd. You sound ignorant and uninformed. If that is so, please do not comment on a topic you know nothing about. Rather than speaking poorly of this school, why don’t you get up from your computer and do something to help the community? Comments such as yours make me livid.

      • WooHoo~

        or this could be a reflection of one student making a comment on an article. thank you for overgeneralizing. Overgeneralization make the world go round! :D yippee.


        “We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For” –

      • mizzim

        Oh, but it’s all good. He can’t spell either.

      • Bob A

        “Diversity” is an anti-white racist code word for “get whitey”. Its not a strength!. It means you have to use anti-white racist quotas to hire blacks who are dumber, less motivated, surly, and disrespectful in the work place. But the Negro Party says its acceptible for blacks to talk and act like rednecks! Its only white people who can’t do that.

    • Jeff

      Holy mother of &%^#. My third grader can write better than that.

      If you are a former HHS student, you’re a poster-child for the serious problem in our public schools today. How can you complete 13 years of instruction in a school system and still not be able to capitalize, punctuate or tell the difference between “breath” and “breathe”?

      • Hi Jeff.

        hey. Jeff? that is your name right? any-who. Can I just point out, you that you are belittling a high school student for a grammatical error? on the internet hmm. you do realize that this is the internet and the rules of grammar do not apply to students on the internet as they are away from any school related topics that require proper grammar. Sure I’d love to see every high school student out there writing correctly with all their punctuations and grammatical rules but guess what Jeff, this is the internet. No one cares if you’re grammatical correct ON THE INTERNET. how are you going to judge this one student based on one paragraph that he/she wrote on an online article. I would be expecting that an adult like you (I presume you are an adult since you have a third grader) judges a students intelligence based on the content that they write in school and not on the random babbling they do online to blow off steam. any-who. good day to you Jeff. If other adults are like you I can’t wait to grow up and criticize everything wrong with public schools, instead of actually going out of my way and trying to do something positive. Nope, just like you and the other idiots on this article I’m just going to sit here and type furiously, pointing out every small negative detail I can, because that’s what being an adult is all about. Arguing with teenagers is swell isn’t it? *sarcasm* in case you didn’t get the hint. Have fun overgeneralizing high school students based on one comments. :) Didn’t know adults could be so petty.

      • tntexas

        At least he did not say “breff” or Breeve”

    • The Big Dinger

      HHS must be an idiot farm judging by your incredibly stupid and illiterate post. Back to school, fool.

      • HA. HA. capital HA.

        “Idiot Farm” I applaud you for your creativity. I truly do. your comment may be just as stupid, if not grammar wise, it’s stupid content wise.

    • otto

      Well we know punctuation isn’t taught at Hayward–

      • ottoman...

        Well we know that pettiness and immaturity are definitely taught at other schools. don’t we? :D

    • Andrew P.

      You didn’t mention your 2nd point. Did you run out of “breathe”? Maybe I’m just not “expeirienced” enough to understand..

      • have fun.

        maybe you should be reading the content and not trying to scan from errors. Well, carry on with whatever you’re doing.

    • John N.

      Isn’t it wonderful that English retains such redundancy that we can even read such a message. It’s also a testament to the human brain. Still, one would hope the writer would not make it so difficult for the reader to receive his wisdom.

      In’st it wodrenufl that Elgnsih retnias scuh rdnauncey taht we can eevn raed scuh a mesagse. I’ts aslo a tmatsenet to the hamun barin, Stlil, one wulod hpoe the witerr wloud not mkae it so dicfufilt for the radeer to rceevie his wdsiom.

      • James

        that’s epic (not the fight, but the ablity to mash up the words)

        taht’s eipc (not the fghit, but the alibty to msah up the wdors)

    • LTCB

      Kid, I’m not going to do the “attack the teachers” line or the “kid doesn’t know English” line. I will say that you make an incorrect assumption that no one else in the world but HHS studenst can understand what “really” goes on there. Most public HS’s around the country have had fights. Some very frequently. Many gang related. Usually male on male. The difference now is that the guy you get into a fight with will likely come back with a gun rather than just a punch or even a knife. Fights rarely escalated in the 50’s and 60’s into knife fights and almost never into gun fights. Kids today need to understand that standing up for yourself, your “honor” or anything else can go critical mass on you in a hurry. The only thing the adults can do is back up the kids that are trying to get an education DESPITE the violence in their schools. The problem is too many parents sue the schools because little Johnny “would NEVER do THAT”. The schools saying that what happens before/after school isn’t their business is a cop-out because they, more than many parents, know when kids are meeting for a fight somewhere. It takes the school, the parents and the students all involved or this just continues.

    • jb

      “unless you know what its like and you’ve actually experienced it”

      Most people over 14 years of age can say they have experienced High School. Some of us even learned to write well enough not to embarrass ourselves.

      P.S. These comment boxes have spell-check. That’s what the squiggly red lines under the words meant before you posted.

      • Hey, Dinosaur

        you must be an adult (an old one at that) if you think these comment boxes have spell check. The spell check is actually provide by your internet browser, not by the comment box itself.

  • anonymous

    All community members must take responsibility for helping teenagers make decisions that will benefit the long term not the short term. Everyone needs to also understand that without programs, motivations, affirmation, and positive refelctions of their culture, background, and insight, teenagers don’t necessarily seek the means to get positive attention. If they don’t get positive attention, they reach out for negative attention. That is what is happening. Students who are involved, doing well in school, working, doing community service, supporting their families, etc. HAVE TOO MUCH TOO LOSE and behave in more appropriate ways. We have to give students what they need!

    • commonsense58

      young lady, when you start paying property taxes, income taxes e.t.c. then maybe you can have a say, until then, sit down shut your mouth and open your ears.

      • tralala~

        thanks for assuming that the comment was left by a teenage girl. for all you know it could have very well been an adult who pays property taxes etc. I love how you use taxes as a basis for your assumption ( a stupid assumption at that). carry on though.

    • Honest John

      Talk about “Alice in Wonderland”! Wait, this poster sounds as well grounded in reality as our esteemed POTUS, so maybe this is the new norm for “brilliance”. Hey, at least she isn’t hateful (yet).

    • JimmyJohn

      All community members? Really? My mother and father taught me right from wrong, set clear expectations, provided me with role models, opportunitiess and they were there for me if I needed encouragement or a swift kick in the pants. They didn’t need or want help from the community, The teacher’s job it to teach, the preacher’s job is to preach, the plumber’s job is to fix the sink and the dentist’s job is to fill cavities. “We” don’t have to give the HHS students anything! The “community” doesn’t owe them anything (they are already being given access to a free education). Whatever it is you think they need and aren’t getting, make it the parent’s job!

    • J J

      It’s for parents to raise their children even through the teen years on to adulthood; not the community, not the state, and especially not the schools. Start teaching and then go home.

    • spike

      puh-leeze! here’s an affirmation that worked for GENERATIONS of American HS students: “do your classwork, pay attention in class, stay outr of fights, do your homework, and don’t mess with booze and drugs, or i AFFIRM that my size 10 work show will be up your ace!”

      you want recognition, praise, warm fuzzy ‘attaboys?’ fine-accomplish something FIRST!

    • pappyslap

      what community would that be

  • HHS student

    Wow, this is the reason why my school gets a bad name! It’s because of people who actually “THINK” they know about Hayward high and say its a bad and unsafe high school. People who attend Hayward high know for a fact if you stay away from problems like these nothing will happen to you. The whole fight started over some lame drama and it turned into a fight. Our school is really is good believe it or not a lot of people get along. There isn’t gangs at Hayward high like back then they have been fading away. There’s almost 4 times more students that will attend college next fall then gang members for the past 3 years at HHS. There will always be ignorant people who think they know about Hayward high like CBS and others who have never even been up HHS.

    • Gramps

      I went to Hayward back in the 70’s. There was racial tension back then but they didn’t label the groups “gangs,” was just the whites, blacks and Mexicans. One time there was a huge conflict behind the gym. Whites against the blacks. Fight raged for some time until one of the idiots pulled a shotgun and blasted the gym windows. We sat up on the hill by the tennis courts and watched it all. “We” being whites, blacks, Mexicans and Asians all together getting along and having fun. It was like watching a bunch of lunatics but admittedly it was quite entertaining. Another time there was the most brutal knock-down, drag out fight I ever seen between 2 guys named Randy right in front of the school. The school officials just watched knowing it was best not to try to break them up. These were big, mean guys and they were going for blood. The one knocked the other down numerous times but he kept getting up until he physically couldn’t. The only difference between then and now is we didn’t label groups of kids gangs, and there was no cell phones to video the fights with nor any YouTube to post them on. Despite the occasional fight and clash of idiots it was a great school and even though the “grown ups” referred to it as a dangerous and out of control school, it was very safe and fun to attend.

      • lou

        What fun for you, Gramps. You write like one of those teachers who always treat both fighters equally. In my entire high school career I never saw a fair fight. It’s ALWAYS some bigger and/or more experienced guy beating the snot out of a smaller, weaker victim. Always. So that’s what you were enjoying old fella.

      • AaronZ

        I went to HHS in the 90s and we also had tension too, but most fights, like this one, happened off campus. While I was there we had friends shot and killed, I saw drugs, kids partied, one kid brought a “bomb” to school and got busted, and a lot of girls got pregnant. Nothing has changed over the years, now we simply have camera phones to capture it all and post it on the web.

    • Honest John

      Seriously I wish you could see how utterly lacking your education has been. The basis for my observation is the lack of good grammar and analytical skills evident in your commentary. Yes, I have heard far worse… but please don’t presume that you have been “well educated” when it is so obvious that you have not been. It appears that you are a decent well-intentioned person, but deluding yourself into accepting that an “HHS education” is perfectly “acceptable” is well, very depressing. Our standards have dropped so low that what was once considered unacceptably poor is now touted as “brilliant”. If only simple “self-esteem” were sufficient, we would be in high clover!

      • So Honest...

        hey. Honest John. Thanks for being honest. especially the part where you base the entire Hayward High Student Body based on one comment that you’ve seen on an article. thanks for overgeneralizing. :) although it is true that standards have dropped. anyways, thank you for enlightening me though.

      • iHomeSchool

        Having taught in the public high schools for 13 years now, I home school my kids 10 & 8. The schools simply have too many kids with too many problems and too few people truly dedicated to helping them learn.
        Having said that, we spend a lot of time teaching our two kids at home and we know their weeknesses and strengths. I can’t possibly have that kind of knowledge about all my students at school AND have parents dedicated to their students’ education like my wife and I do at home.
        My children are no more gifted than any kids in the public schools, but the standard is high at home and they meet it with much reinforcement. They are involved in sports, choirs, arts, church group, music lessons, and home school co-ops where other parents teach certain subjects to groups of kids one day a week. They do chores, help cook and clean, etc. I bet any kid from these schools would be good at many things, if they had adults who invested in their lives.
        Even with all we do for ours, I still pray they turn-out all right. We won’t know that until they are grown up!

    • Honest John

      As supportive evidence that my prior comments are “reasonable”, just compare the comments by “HHS student” to those by “Gramps”. The fall in standards is dead obvious.

      • Sarcasm

        yeah dead obvious when you are comparing two comments. the evidence is just uncanny. *sarcasm*

    • Lucky

      Oh save your breathe

      • tntexas

        You mean “breff”

  • hang fire



    • excaliph


      It used to be the exception not the norm though

      • sngnsgt

        Send Jose and hose B back to Mexico. Problem solved.

    • gordonwagner

      What “left wing media”?

  • Can't we all just get along?

  • Al Anderson

    Sounds like East Harlem of the 40s-50s

  • Detroiter

    Didn’t we learn anything from Westside Story? Gay theater still has much to teach….two words: ‘Dance Off’.

  • excaliph

    You know what’s wrong? These kids aren’t getting proper nutrition or enough diversity/feminism/gay studies. More of that and they will straighten right out.

    • J J

      Don’t forget Repressive Tolerance that teachers ascribe to. Meaning keep the majority (whites) quiet, feel foolish for speaking and allow the minorities to dominate the class. This is some of what is behind the racial anger. Add to that the fact students are taught America is racist and unjust. I was going to school to become a kindergarten teacher and realized I couldn’t accept what they were teaching me to teach students so I’ve gone on to other things.

  • Mark Matis

    What else would you expect? Be sure to thank your “Leadership” for this Diversity experience.

    And thank their “Law Enforcement” enablers as well.

  • Constance

    Superintendent Janis Duran said, despite the fight videos, Hayward High is a safe place for students.

    Uh, right. Sure it is. I wouldn’t set foot on that campus. It looks like all the indoctrination of racial and socioeconomic hand holding over the last few decades has worked wonders. Sounds like a great place to go to school.

    • wow.

      why thank you for overgeneralizing a school that you’ve never been to, based on one negative portrayal from the media. You are so intelligent.

  • Alberto Del Rio

    Blacks are not the majority anymore and they need to leave Mexican America.

  • John

    Accepting so many immigrants is part of the governments plan to divide and conguer the American people.

    • Honest John

      You are so right! Our leftist liberal comrades, well the “elite leaders” among them anyway, know EXACTLY what they are doing. The end result is a very backward country BUT the Obamacrats will be in power which is all they want anyway.

    • Tristy

      The problem is ‘diversity,’ which comes from the word ‘diverse.’ That word means ‘separate, apart, unlike,’ according to Webster’s dictionary. USA needs UNITY for strength, not DIVERSITY–which leads to ghettoes, animosity toward outsiders, too many languages, etc. Diversity is ruining our once-United States of America. It’s costly in many, many ways, including language. We are one country and should all speak, write only one language when in public, ENGLISH. One Nation, One Official Languge: English. Think about this…Arabs, Asians, Indians, and Russians all have entirely different alphabets from ours BUT they have somewhat mastered our English language. However, stubborn south-of-the-border Spanish who have the same alphabet as ours refuse to speak/write English, so our government caters to their needs/desires. Why? Why? .It baffles and angers me greatly!

    • beelzebubba

      I can heal your paranoid delusions with a two step plan:
      Stop believing people like Genn Beck.
      Remind yourself that there is no political organization smart enough to formulate your plan and put it in motion.

      • bjs

        Beelzebubba. You are pathetic. Start questioning with boldness, and maybe you should start listening to someone other that Chris Matthews. What a name. by the way.

  • Snod

    Imagine that American Blacks and violence! Kind of like fish and water.

  • Craigster

    If the superintendant believes it is safe around gang bangers, then I wonder what he considers to be dangerous. I wouldn’t want my kids in that kind of an environment.

  • Minority Whitey

    California is toast! If your white then it would be a good idea to get out while you can otherwise you will be the target! I’m leaving this state and never coming back! Syonara California, the once golden state!

    • A Teller of Truths

      wherever you go, the dark races will say “it ain’t fair dat you lives where nice!” and they will soon follow. and the jewish media and aclu will insure that they will get there.

  • Alex

    End immigration – until you do this things will only get worse.

  • John V.

    This is what happens when you ban Happy Meals, now nobody’s happy.

  • Ramos Washington

    Minorities running amok? Say it isn’t so.

  • Gene Lammon

    I grew up in Hayward in the 60’s. Graduated from Tennyson high in 65. What a great place back then. I watched it go to hell in the 70’s and in 1980 moved to north Idaho. Can’t say I miss Hayward. I do have great memories of how much fun it was to grow up there.

    • excaliph

      I hear that brother. Raised in Fresno, 1960’s through 1970’s. It was a great town to grow up in and it’s a hell-hole now. What a shame, these places used to be the template for a great life.

  • delmar Jackson

    California used to have one of the most highly educated populations in the nation, now, thanks to massive immigration, it ranks 49th behind last place mississipi and is gaining fast. Welcome to the future America.

    join numbersusa and fax your weasels in washington for free on immigration issues.

    pass it on

    • delmar Jackson

      I love co-cks. Herp. Derp. Herp. America. What is capitalization?

  • Shabazz

    Let them kill each other. We’d all be much better off.


      MUST SEE…

  • LaughingAtYou

    Liberals foster this sort of environment, knowing it’ll end in chaos, which is what they thrive on. They have no real interest in solving problems. They only want to give the *impression* that they’re solving problems with more money and their “noble” Utopian ideas. They do not understand or care to factor in that people, like animals, are naturally territorial. They need their space. Liberals just throw them into an arena and hope for some fun. Then they can justify their existence by rushing in to solve the problems they created. It’s all part of the corrupt educational system (their salaries) and we pay for it in taxes and disorderly conduct. Stop putting these people in office and you might see real change someday. Until then, it’ll be more of the same.

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