Casting Tips For ‘Big Brother’

What does it take to get on? We spoke with head Casting Director Robyn Kass to find out!
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Casting Tips For ‘Big Brother’

Big Brother Season 12 Swimsuit Photo Shoot (Photo by CBS)

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS) – CBS is holding an open Casting Call this Saturday in San Francisco for the next season ‘Big Brother’.What does it take to get on? We spoke with head Casting Director Robyn Kass to find out!

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If there is one person to ask, Robyn Kass is your girl. Not only is she the Casting Director for ‘Big Brother’, but she has been casting for the show since it’s second season in 2001, and also has 26 other reality shows under her belt including ‘Survivor’, ‘The Bachelor’, and ‘The Bachelorette’.

The most common question among people who want to try out for ‘Big Brother’: What are you looking for? What kind of personalities do you search for when casting for the show?

Yep, absolutely the most commonly asked question!  And just like I’ve said many times it’s difficult to put my finger on it.  It’s something we know when we see it.  There are certain people you are just naturally drawn to.  It may be the way they talk, laugh, move, yell, use their hands, express themselves…. it’s something intriguing about them that makes us want to hear more.  There are just certain people out there who are great at capturing our attention, without trying too hard.

Among the thousands of people that audition, what stands out to you?

People who are not trying too hard.  So many people think they need to act a certain way when we meet, but we can sniff that out pretty quickly.  Just come in a good mood and talk to us like you’re taking to your best friends.

What are some things that someone should avoid during their interview?

Do not try to pre plan what you’re going to say.  Dress nice and dress how you normally dress.  Don’t wear costumes, don’t try catching our attention with anything except your fantastic personality!

Are you hoping to find any specific or unique personalities or qualities that could only come from San Francisco?

Every city we go to we hope to find unique, colorful personalities. We don’t have any specific expectations for San Fran, but we do expect everyone to show up with their “A” game!

What is the best advice you can give anyone planning to come to this Saturday’s casting call in San Francisco?

Get a good night sleep before hand…. if you look good, and feel good your chances will be better.  Please come with stories to back up anything you tell us.  IE – If you say you are conniving, you better have some stories in your real life to back up why you would say that.  Don’t just say that just to say it.

Any last words for San Francisco residents hoping to be on ‘Big Brother’?

If you’re a fan of Big Brother GO FOR IT!  Now is your chance.  I meet so many people who love the show and want to be on it, but when I ask if they’ve ever applied they say no.  Have no regrets, come on by….. you never know, BB13 could be your summer!!  Good luck!!

Thanks Robyn! Remember, the Casting Call takes place THIS Saturday the 16th at the Sugar Cafe from 3pm to 6pm!

lightbox bigbrother1  Big Brother Casting In San FranciscoSaturday April 16th, 3:00pm – 6:00pm

679 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA 94102


  1. Print and fill out the application and bring with you to Sugar Cafe.
  2. Bring a photocopy of your driver’s license or state issued ID.
  3. Bring two photos (one face and one body shot).  If you don’t have photos, we will take your photo at the casting call.

Big Brother Application: Download Here
Eligibility Requirements: Download Here

Visit CBS Local Events for more information


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