PETALUMA (KCBS) – Back in the day, Lester Chambers was nothing short of a local rock ‘n roll legend. The Petaluma resident and Mississippi native was lead singer for The Chambers Brothers, which hit the big time in the 60s with hits like “Time Has Come Today.”

Ironically, recently, he felt that he himself was running out of time.

“I was very ill and at the same time homeless,” the now 71-year-old described his recent run of bad luck.

KCBS’ Mike Sugerman Reports:

That was just six months ago – the result of a lifetime of fighting cancer, tumors, back and eye problems, which were only exacerbated by financial troubles. He was squatting in a Sonoma County studio.

“You know how you can get into a tailspin? Big at the top and small at the bottom, well the big top went all the way down to the bottom,” he explained the fall after his incredible, meteoric rise. “And left me spinning around in the mud.”

Friends from back in the day, including Yoko Ono, pitched in to help Chambers find a more suitable housing situation and medical care – ensuring he had a legitimate shot at getting back on his feet.

Now, another friend, the legendary guitarist and “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” co-writer Steve Cropper is coming out to perform with Chambers at Yoshi’s in San Francisco on Thursday night.

Chambers planned to sing a number of Cropper’s songs during what he hoped would be his official comeback concert.

“I’m singing better than I ever did, ever did before,” he declared emphatically. “I’ve been extremely blessed, again.”

What a comeback it could be – it wasn’t that long ago that audiences screamed at the mere sight and sound of Chambers and his siblings.

Not only was Chambers the lead singer of the group, he garnered a reputation for making the cowbell a legitimate musical instrument.

If all goes well on Thursday night, it just may be that Chambers’ time has come – again.

“I’m so better, it ain’t funny,” he remarked. “I am so better, I can’t wait to tell the world.”

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Comments (7)
  1. HooDatIS? says:


  2. Kodiax says:

    best of luck to Mr Chambers, i hope it works out for him.

  3. Sandy F says:

    Wow a legand from my teen years..That song was our anthem..RIGHT ON Mr. Chambers..god bless and much good luck!

  4. Paul says:

    Just so every one knows he plays at George’s Nightclub EVERY SUNDAY from 2-6pm and the tickets are only 10 bucks! he is great! I have seen him a couple of times already! go to their website for more info:

  5. john says:

    Cr*P…I used to play his hit song in a top 40 high school band back in the 1960’s.

    I sure hope he makes a full recovery and then some.

    Musical icons should not end up homeless, especially with severe health problems.

  6. Randy Fleming says:

    I remember listening to “Time Has Come Today” on the ‘stereo record player’ while living and tokin’ with my sailor buddies from Treasure Island at the ‘Crescent Apts’ on Hyde St. , so many , many years ago. It was a much different T/L back then , too.

  7. NoeValleyJim says:

    more cowbell

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