2 Small Earthquakes Rattle Bay Area On ’06 Quake Anniversary

PACIFICA (CBS 5) — Two small earthquakes rattled parts of the Bay Area on Monday, which ironically marked the 105th anniversary of the Great
1906 San Francisco Earthquake

The first quake, measuring a 3.4 magnitude (downgraded from orginal 3.8 reading), occurred at 2:57 p.m. and was centered about two miles southeast of Pacifica and roughly 12 miles south of San Francisco, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

“There was a sharp jolt that was preceded by a rumbling noise,” said Thom Ball, library manager of the Pacifica Sharp Park Library, who was among those that felt it.

The Pacifica temblor was followed minutes later at 3 p.m. by a second, even smaller earthquake with a magnitude of 1.4. That quake was centered about two miles southwest of San Bruno.

Michael Nee, a bartender at Behan’s Irish Pub in nearby Burlingame, said “the whole bar shook and the lights from the ceilings swayed” for about three seconds.

There were no reports of injuries or significant damage, however Pacific Gas & Electric officials said about 7,000 Pacifica customers lost power immediately after the quake. The cause of the outage was under investigation.

Bay Area Rapid Transit trains stopped running briefly as tracks were inspected, but no problems were found. Runways were also inspected at San Francisco International Airport, but no problems were discovered there either.

Earlier Monday, dozens gathered for a ceremony held in San Francisco commemorating the 1906 quake.

There are only three known survivors left of that devastating quake and ensuing fire that killed thousands, and only one of them — Bill DelMonte, who was just a few months old at the time — was
able to make this year’s ceremony.

>> Photo Gallery: Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

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  • PT

    Felt and heard it in SF. I was suprised that it was loud enough for me to hear through my headphone with music on. It was quick but some people on Twitter reports longer duration. I gues it depends on location and building structure. I hope everyone is ok out there.

  • Mark

    I am here in Montara, and the jolt was strong but quick – nothing strong enough though for any consequences – Pacifica is just north of Montara.

  • Diana Marie Vanni

    We felt it here in Redwood City quite strongly, two loud bangs and a short shake, not much. Very quick, but LOUD!

  • PS

    In West Menlo Park, felt like a jolt, like a very large door slamming without the rattle. Was followed 5 seconds later by a minor reverb, some rattling but nothing falling off shelves…

  • John Nichols

    Sitting in my house in Redwood City, working on my computer. Felt like a bomb went off, or a VERY loud Sonic Boom. Went outside to see if my big tree had fallen on my house. Found several other neighbors doing the same thing.

    • Daryl Ambruso

      Earthquakes don’t normally feel like that. No rumbling, no car alarms, just a single drop. Like when an airplane is descending and it drops 2 feet suddenly. The dog didn’t give any warning signs, which they normally do. The whimper, cry, bark, howl,shake, or try to run away from nothing. They can hear and feel the quakes long before we do. Marley was unaware.

      • Crystal

        Our dog did…he was howling like crazy (which I have not heard before) for no reason before it happened…and it did cross my mind that there might be an earthquake coming.

      • Kathleen Chung-Lee

        my dogs too. they didn’t react even during the shake or the noise.

      • Valerie Green-Charsky

        My dogs too, very strange huh?

  • V

    I was in the hallway of a high school in San Francisco. School just let out and I thought it was kids running loudly on the second floor.

    For a 3.8, it wasn’t that bad. Bring it on earthquake!

    • meka

      How can you have seen the devastation in Japan and toss out such a flip remark?????

      • MAR

        Because we love Mother Nature and sometimes she needs to let us no how insignificant we are in the big picture. We have lost our way as stewards of this amazing planet and need to get back on track. i love big earthquakes too, they bring out the best in humanity. Am I right or am I wrong??? It’s just my opinion…

  • bm

    heard the rumble first, paused to make sense of it, then got that 1-2 sec jolt right after..whoa. the actual jolt or movement doesnt faze me, its the actual noise beforehand that really creeps me out…

    • Kristyn

      Experienced one earthquake–a 5 in Toronto, Canada–and I will never forget the sound it made. Scary indeed! The jolt, on the other hand, was minimal as the epicenter was situated a few hundred miles away from me.

  • David Ellenberg

    Short, sharp, jolt here in the Mission District. Interesting day for it to happen.

  • S.F.

    Felt the quake in San Bruno – very loud but quick. Felt pretty strong, no damage thus far.

  • AMK

    A very hard, fast KABOOM! here in San Mateo. The house shook, but the neighbors din’t fly out of their houses like I thought they should…

  • Sandy F

    sitting in my car and felt a short jolt and kind of a bouncing..no noise..in San Jose.

  • Devon

    yeah i felt it……..my house fell..

  • 12-21-12

    just the beginning……

  • Catrina

    2 strong jolts and some shaking here in San Francisco. Quite loud for a 3.8!!!

  • CurryDynasty

    Felt it in South San Francisco/San Bruno near skyline 35. A quick rumble

  • Karen

    felt it in Glen Park area of SF. A boom and then a short shake

  • T. Thomas

    Work at Oceana High School in Pacifica. Part of our school is actually ON the fault line. Heard it first, then felt some quick jolts, stopped for a few seconds and then continued even stronger! Felt stronger than a 3.8 but given we are so close to the epicenter, makes sense that it seemed like more. Oh, and the irony is, today this the anniversary of the 1906 quake!

  • KM

    Comcast is out in Pacifica on TAX DAY!

  • Bruce

    Belmont hills: Two strong jolts, seconds apart. Definitely felt, definitely heard… but no apparent damage, All utilities stayed on etc.

  • Valerie Green-Charsky

    Two jolts, loud, on the middle floor of a three story home in San Carlos. Sounded like someone fell upstairs in the house. Rattled the bed.

  • Pedro

    power is out in some parts of Pacifica

  • Kao

    Two very hard jotls in San Mateo.

  • Mark Van

    Felt it here in SF near the Daly city border. It was a quick shake but enough to make my tv and legs wobble.

  • Steve

    Redwood Shores–ditto. A few seconds of minor jolting and a definitive rumble.

  • John Mathieson

    I live in Daly City on San Bruno Mountain, I heard a loud bang like an explosion
    then the house shook, no damage or any thing falling off the shelves, the birds feeding in my yard all took off when the bang occured. My dog barked

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