Yosemite Battles Camping Reservation Scalpers

YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK (CBS/AP) –Yosemite National Park has a pest problem: ticket scalpers who are selling the limited camping reservations at exorbitant prices.

Spokesman Scott Gediman said that park officials are becoming more aggressive as they try to curb scalpers.

The nation’s third-most visited park has only 900 reserved campsites available at any given time. They go for $20 a night but scalpers advertising on Craigslist are offering them for $100 or more—sometimes for hundreds of dollars.

They’re also selling permits to climb Half Dome, which the park essentially issues for free.

Gediman said it appears that some scalpers may have devised ways of jumping the reservation queue, possibly through automated computer programs that can instantly snag cancellations.

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  • Anita Hudson Easton

    There’s a way around this. Put the reservation in the person’s name, like the State Parks do (Reserveamerica). Only THAT person can use the campsite and must show ID at the entrance. For high value campsites, like Yosemite, this would put a stop to ticket gougers. It really sucks that someone is doing this, as it puts the “one fun thing” we have to do that’s a reasonable cost in jeopardy. As a patron of the NPS, I urge everyone out there to resist the temptation to buy scalped camping tickets. It can only cause prices to go up in the future, and much stricter rules down the line. Put these A-holes out of business.

    • Jeff

      The problem is, often the person on the reservation is not the first or only person checking in at the campsite. And what if the person on the reservation becomes ill and can’t make the trip? The whole trip is ruined then.

  • CaPika

    From a person in the know…

    An investigation into the matter is being stifled by a Yosemite NP mid-level manager who wants nothing done about this situation. If you want this to be seriously addressed, send your complaints to the following people:

    Don_Neubacher@nps.gov (Yosemite NP Superintendent)

    Scott_Wanek@nps.gov (NPS Pacific West Regional Chief Ranger)

    Lane_Baker@nps.gov (NPS Chief of Law Enforcement, Security, & Emergency Services)

    Steve_Shackelton@nps.gov (NPS Associate Director, Visitor and Resource Protection)

    Jon_Jarvis@nps.gov (Director, National Park Service)

    Then write a complaint to the DOI’s Inspector General’s Office:


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