SACRAMENTO (CBS/AP) — Three people were stabbed, one fatally, outside a medical marijuana dispensary in Sacramento on the day pot users around the nation celebrate the drug’s unofficial holiday.

The assaults Wednesday morning were outside the R&R Wellness Collective marijuana shop in South Sacramento.  Police said they do not know if marijuana had anything to do with the stabbings.

A suspect was in custody, although no names have been released.

The victims were among two groups of people who got into a fight in the parking lot outside the dispensary.

Police said R&R Wellness was having a two-for-one promotion in honor of the annual 420 Day commemorated by pot enthusiasts on April 20 because “420” is a nickname for marijuana.

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Comments (3)
  1. Veronica Smith says:

    I am disappointed with the way this article reads, it is very misleading and manipulative. This story, with NO KNOWN FACTS, makes it sound as though the fight took place because of the 2 for 1 deal or that it had anything to do with the pot. Before you report something you should have your facts straight or at the very least have the facts.
    By this reported story and the layout of it it is made to sound as though it had to do with marijuana when in fact we know no such thing and the way this story sounds it gives ammunition to all the ney sayers. By this account we will have to ban baseball because there has been a shooting, stabbing and now beating of a San Francisco Giants fan just hangin waiting for a cab. Oh and then I suppose we should ban “Black Friday” because every year there is always a fight, stabbing etc.
    All I am saying is don’t be so neglegent with reporting, it is after all a right to report the FACTS regardless of how journalists interpret the first ammendment we have a responsibility to inform people with ALL the news not just enough to say there was a stabbing at a pot dispensory and oh by the way it is 420 Day and there was a 2 for 1 deal.

  2. Lani says:

    Ok, Lets put it realistically. The modern day jerks hanging out at these “Medicinal” Pot houses are loser and Low Lifes. Lets go back underground with our Pot.

  3. Rob Skeen says:

    Lani is one of these goof balls that stereo type those with medicinal needs. First off, there not “pot houses” there cannabis clubs ignorant ass.And street punks are those that break laws not obey them by making donations for meds loser. Secondly, I was there that morning 3 times to be exact and it had NOTHING to do with the dispensary R&R(whom are great people with compassion for those in need) nor did it even have anything to do with the specials that day. Let alone even the celebration of 420! When people have problems with eachother they fail to realize the world isnt that big and when you do someone wrong, you should plan on seeing them again. I didnt know anyone involved but it common sense. 420 celebration just happened to be the event that these people ran into eachother.

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