SAN QUENTIN (KCBS) – A man has died after he and a woman were washed onto the shore of San Quentin State Prison early Wednesday morning when their boat capsized in San Francisco Bay.  Authorities said inmates with the prison fire department assisted in the rescue.

San Rafael Fire Battalion Chief Jeff Buscher said a man and a woman were in a small boat that overturned at San Quentin Point just after 1 a.m.

“They were standing on the shore off the prison, down an embankment, so we had to use ropes to bring one of the victims up,” said Buscher. “The woman was suffering from hypothermia, and the man was in cardiac arrest.”

The motor in their 12-foot craft had stalled, and in trying to get it started, the man fell overboard, tipping the boat and capsizing it. Buscher does not believe the man was wearing a life vest, but the woman was. She managed to get him to the shore.

Guards at San Quentin saw the two struggling in the water and called the prison fire department and Coast Guard.  San Quentin’s fire department employs a number of inmates who assisted in the rescue.

Both were taken to local hospitals, where the man died later Wednesday morning. The Marin County coroner’s office identified the man as James
Laurel, 44, of Larkspur.

Buscher said he had no idea why the couple was in the small boat at that time of the morning.

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  1. Kodiax says:

    you just cant fix stupid.. and being out on the bay in a small boat at one in the morning qualifies hands down.

    1. kac says:

      And not wearing a life jacket ..nominate this guy for the Darwin Award.

      1. destani says:

        Yes…I realize every day how stupid it was for my boyfriend not to be wearing his life vest….BELIVE ME…I can only say we have gone into the bay many times at night no problem….,I am the one who is suffering with stupid choices…,Have a heart i am hurting. By the way to set it straight it was 10 pm when we left I would like to advocate for boating saftey being ignorant of what to do in that situation is down right stupid……

  2. HooDatIS? says:


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