SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Plans to put the brakes on bicyclists riding across the Golden Gate Bridge has cycling enthusiasts crying foul in this city of two-wheeled activism.

Thousands of commuters, residents and tourists ride the bridge’s celebrated span each day. But some officials who oversee San Francisco’s signature landmark think speed limits are necessary to lower the accident rate.

An initial plan floated this week would hit riders with a $100 fine if they don’t slow to 5 mph near the bridge’s iron towers. But after pedallers protested, the bridge’s board of directors decided to postpone a vote on the limits while authorities and riders debate the proposal.

The proposed speed limit would be 10 mph on most of the Golden Gate. Officials say some riders have been clocked going over 20 mph.

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Comments (12)
  1. tafikkhoury says:

    And if we catch you feeding your kid a happy meal, were going to write you a ticket for that too…

    1. roy says:

      Only if you live in san francisco.. And don’t forget the 20 cents tax on each meal because people are to lazy to throw away the wrappers.

  2. Mike says:

    Sounds like a great idea. It’s a crowded bridge and i’ve almost been run over by a speeding cyclist many a time.

    1. anibethc says:

      I think they should create a law banning cyclists from sharing the lane with pedestrians. Why can’t the pedestrians get their ways? Why does it always have to do with selfish cycling enthusiasts breaking city laws and not wearing their stupid helmets? Unless they follow the city laws and observe traffic laws alongside those who drive cars, then I think they should have their bicycle taken away permanently. They don’t reserve the right to be exempt from city laws designated to help protect pedestrians from reckless cyclists and careless drivers. I am tired of trying to set a positive example to selfish and lazy cyclists who don’t want to obey city laws. How much arrogance will it take for them to finally realize that they are as vulnerable as these pedestrians you see daily.

      1. marie says:

        Just so you know, there IS a separate pedestrian path. Cyclists are on the west side, pedestrians are on the east (excepting a handful of confused tourists). I am a cyclist and a driver and do try to follow all the “laws.” And helmets? hmm. Most of those without helmets on the bridge are again the confused but very enthusiastic tourists. Oh, and by the way, can you please explain what “good example” you are setting for the cyclists by burning up those good fossil fuels while letting your backside sink just a little more comfortably into the cushion of your car? It would probably do you some good to get out and ride too. It’s fun, non-polluting, and good for you. You should try it and come out for a joy ride.

  3. Slough Feg Bass says:

    I thought the western side was for bikes and the eastern side was for pedestrians? And $100 ?? Why would cyclists get charged more for a speeding ticket than a car? And what are they going to do, pull them over?? Besides, a cyclist can always just say, “I don’t have a speedometer, I was sure I was under the speed limit.” This is ridiculous.

  4. Bloodhounds says:

    This city deteriorates a little more every day! No wonder so many people leave and never come back to even visit SF.

  5. sandy says:

    The weekend warrior Tour de France wanna be’s need to mellow out and slow down in general. Their insistence on speeding through crowded areas with no regard for peds or cars is dangerous and gives us responsible cyclists a really bad name. The Bay Area is a crowded place – we all need to work together, cyclists, peds and autos to ensure that everyone is kept safe. If some can’t work out for themselves what’s a safe speed in tight quarters then we do need speed limits and penalties.

  6. Mike says:

    Yes, slow the bikes down.

  7. anibethc says:

    WHat are these pesky cycling enthusiasts trying to prove with their arrogance? Do they know that bikes sharing the same lane and pedestrians don’t really work? If they want to break laws of their own, then I think they should have their bikes taken away from them until they regain the usage of their common sense. If they want to speed to their little heart’s content then why don’t they just use the bike lane portion which is directly located on the left side of the bridge? The current passageway should be only used by pedestrians and laws should be created to permanently ban cyclists from using that lane and just to use the other lane instead. I think the lane on the left should be used by cyclists only. And I don’t want to hear their endless whining!

  8. How you like them apples says:

    Open all lanes to cyclists,pedestrians and vehicles with no speed limit.

  9. Michael says:

    Maybe the cyclists would fair better if they could use one of the automobile lanes like in other cities. No, I guess that wouldn’t work out so well, huh? Then San Francisco would be following and not leading. And the cyclists would feel like the targets that the pedestians feel like now.

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