SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Early-bird discounts at downtown San Francisco parking garages could soon be on the chopping block, just one option for the cash-strapped San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.

Facing a $21.3 million deficit, SFMTA spokesman Paul Rose said eliminating discounts for those who show up early at downtown garages could make the agency more than $7 million annually. But no final decision has been made yet.

“As of right now, all the parking would be one standard price. This is something that we’re working on with our policy board, our MTA Board and management to discuss whether or not this is something to move forward with,” Rose said.

KCBS’ Chris Filippi:

The early-bird specials are currently available at 20 city-owned garages, even though the city’s planning code bans such deals.

Rose said there will be extensive public outreach before any decision is made.

“This will be done in a very public way. We’d have to consult the stakeholders, the public and people driving in the city before we move forward,” he said.

Downtown business advocates are already lining up against the idea, saying it would punish employees who drive to work.

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Comments (25)
  1. Themblues says:

    Just another reason NOT to do business in S.F.

  2. Driver says:


  3. Bob Martin says:

    The parking in San Francisco, is beyond out of hand. As for me, I have avoided going into San Francisco, like the plague. By the time you try to do anything….you know, like eat, a play you’ve spent 300 dollars +, and I’m being skimpy. I pity the people that have to do just basic things in SF. I guess it’s god bless the tourist’s.

    1. Munching says:

      $300.00 to eat a play? – I’m guessing, you must limit yourself to one-act meals only.

    2. Douglas Newman says:

      Mass transportation in SF doesn’t provide a level of service high enough to expect people to leave their cars at home. While your sentiment is appreciated, it simply isn’t practical like it would be in New York, Tokyo, London, etc.

  4. Richard Boyle says:

    Whatever happend to the idea of using public transportation? Or the radical notion of carplooling? Our streets are jammed with cars carrying but one passenger. This doesn’t make sense. The only way to ease the parking problem and the congestion problem is to have fewer cars on the roads.

    1. Jud says:

      Great idea but by no means practical. Can’t wait to see California join the rust belt. Clearly the problem is with the insane amount of money we are spending on employee benefits.

      1. N67 says:

        Richard Boyle. Thats great but this is not a forum for the”one less car crowd” to cry about their little point of view. This is talking about how the city wants to try to rip people off even more. So Richard, go to critical mass and block some intersections for a while. You’ll feel better then. But for now please shut your cacke hole because nobody cares about your snivleing.

    2. bbguy says:

      N67. I think its a bit crazy to think that political and social agendas aren’t part of how things are priced / funded in government. Richard’s comment is absolutely in bounds for a discussion about pricing of parking in government owned lots. This is no different than a carpool lane, lower tolls for carpools during rush hour etc. – it creates economically driven incentives for things that are valued socially (by at least some).

      But…to use your style of choice, this forum is most definitely NOT a forum for limiting people’s opinions to your own.

      1. N67 says:

        @bbguuy..No bbguy, It is NOT a forum for limiting “peoples” opinion to your own. No one is talking about “limiting” anything but YOU. What I was referring to was the fact that richards comment has nothing to do with the core subject here which is not “one less car”, it is about the city ripping people off with no regard to traffic. It is about making more money to pay for the Local Govt’s bad spending habits. So in fact it is Richard who is trying to limit the discussion to his own opinion an not the topic at hand. Thank you by the way for your extended explanation that also has no bearing on the core topic here. OK bbguy, have a nice day!

  5. g.b.arney says:

    thank god I no longer work in San Francisco – even the early bird deals, at $20/day, were killing me when I had to drive in to work.

  6. Ric Morgan says:

    Why is it everytime a public agency goes into the hole, it taps the citizens. Let try trimming the fat in wages both in management and in drivers… 21 million can start at the top then work its way down.

    1. LeRoy Guzman says:

      good one

  7. HooDatIS? says:


    1. JIm Mourgos says:

      Learn to spell and don’t use all CAPs in your messages and readers may take you more seriously. I would not bother with a semi-literate’s blog.

    2. Rascal69 says:

      Take an English. That’s what we speak and write in this country.

    3. N67 says:

      HOODATIS, Please relieve yourself from existance. Another idiot in the world..

  8. ProMuni says:

    Mr. Morgan, why is it that we all ways have to blame the drives? What does parking have to do with transit operators? Department of Parking and Traffic is obviously under the MTA, as well as the Taxi Commission. Parking garages throughout the city were given a higher contract through a questionable bidding war that Nat Ford signed off on. But if you want to talk drivers, $19 Million in lost revenue due to fare evasion. Lets take a bite out of that apple first. 700K plus riders a day, leave the operators alone please, dealing with the crazies, the rich financial riders, the middle and the poor class every single day is a lot to ask for, just my opinion.

    1. N67 says:

      Great opinion Pro Muni. It seems like a lot of ProBS To me. So avoid the subject, talk about something that is irrelevent, how does “fare evasion” have anything to do with the City trying to rip people off. About the drivers, as with any job you know what you are in for when you sign up. So crying about what the drivers must endure to get their high wage on my dollar really is a moot argument as well. Get out, and take you opinion with you! Thanks.

  9. Jane says:

    If all the transit operators were white, then you would not have comments made by people like Mr. Morgan. People need to give them a break, they deal with so much as it is. I witness these drivers getting cursed at, spit on, and called the N word!!. All for just doing their job.

  10. Selwyn says:

    Jeez……it ain’t MUNI, it’s the self-serving creeps fo the SFMTA.

  11. LeRoy Guzman says:

    don’t worry a massive earth quake will put everything back into perspective in which
    all parking spaces will be the least off the bay area’s peoples worries.

  12. Corrupt DoJ says:

    The FBI and DEA fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close their bad cases.

    The DoJ have been harassing me for 20 years. Twenty years ago, with the help of the Defense Investigative Service DIS, they used my military background to fabricate evidence. Since that time they have been using sleep deprivation and suggestion to help fabricate evidence and since it is convenient, stealing from me.

    There have also been attempts on my life. They tamper with my car. They have been trying to get corrupt Milpitas, Ca. police to use the “Sean Bell” (See wikipedia) method against me. They have been trying to setup a botched robbery/murder.

    I used to write software for the DoD.

  13. OutWithFord says:

    Nathanial Ford needs to step down. First, “stock market” parking meters, Second, increased resident parking permits, Third, increased parking citation fines, and now they are imposing elimination of the Early Bird rates? Weren’t those put into place to ease congestion during peak driving times? Why not tweak the times and make it in by 8 AM and out by 4 PM? Instead of eliminating, try adjusting.

    1. N67 says:

      YES, out with Nate Ford and the rest of the corrupt, swindeling local SF Government. NOW!

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