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San Francisco Supervisor Talking About Banning Booze At Pharmacies

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) —- The number of chain pharmacies selling booze is on the rise, and a San Francisco supervisor is talking about banning alcohol at drug stores.

CVS Pharmacy wants to sell liquor at a new store planned in the outer Richmond, and at a hearing on the license, Supervisor John Avalos said he doesn’t feel pharmacies and liquor sales are a good fit.

“If we’re just going to be approving them willy-nilly here and there, then we’re not doing the kind of work that we need to do to set the tone for what it should be for the rest of the city,” he said.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports: 

The committee approved the liquor license over Avalos’ objections. Police Inspector Dave Falzon says 13 conditions were added to the CVS liquor permit, and it’s supported by the community.

“This is a workable plan and I will say with these conditions, I don’t see it negatively affecting the community,” he said.

Walgreens already sells liquor at six of its stores in San Francisco, and Avalos said he worries that the practice will increase as CVS expands in the city. He said he would like to see a global ruling.

Last year, Avalos tried to ban liquor sales at drug stores but was preempted by state law. He says he’ll look for another approach, possibly a city-wide policy opposing the practice.

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  • Big G

    Quit trying to be a nanny Avalos!! Contrary to what you Peskin & Daly think, the rest of us do not need you to be our mommy!!!

  • P Rogers

    I thought ALCOHOL is a drug. Supervisor John Avalos, is this the best you can do for your city?

    Yeah, rip on business just a little more, kick-em while their down.

  • Big D

    Whatever happened to free enterprise?

  • mike

    You couldn’t just apply the rule to the CVS’s and Walgreens, it would have to be applied to any store that sold liquor and had a pharmacy, so that would include Lucky’s, safeway and Costco as well. Its a stupid idea and would only result in a long legal battle that the city doesn’t need or could afford.

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