SAN JOSE (KCBS) – Hundreds of workers at San Jose City Hall were bracing Tuesday to learn whether they would be out of a job.

Some 6o0 positions, about 10 percent or the workforce, are set to be be laid off by July.  The job cuts were the result of San Jose’s $115 million budget shortfall.

KCBS’ Mike Colgan Reports:

“Some of those positions are open because people have retired or moved on, but we will have hundreds of people who are in those jobs that are potentially going to be laid off as we go through this budget cycle,” said San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed.

He warned the number of layoffs could climb higher still.

“The city council has directed the city manager to assume that we’re going to get 10  percent concessions from all employees. So the 600 positions that we are looking like we’re going to have to eliminate assume that we get 10 percent concessions from everybody,” Reed explained. “So if we don’t there will be more job cuts on top of the 600.”

So far, only 4 of the 11 unions have agreed to the wage and benefits concession.

Not surprisingly, that meant a sense of sadness permeated San Jose City Hall this week.

“A lot of heads hanging, a lot of heads hanging down low,” described a man who identified himself only as Paul, who has worked for the city for more than five years. “You know a lot of people are depressed, if they’re not directly impacted, their friends are. So it’s pretty sad when you start seeing, if it’s not you, it’s your friends, people you’ve known for a long time, start losing their jobs and they have families. It’s very depressing, sure, it’s a pretty sad place right now.”

He was far from convinced that his job was safe.

“Any time they start you know, laying people off, regardless of seniority, you know unless, you’ve either been here 30 years and you’re close to retirement or you never know, they start laying off hundreds of people your seniority level can go down really quick.”

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Comments (9)
  1. Kris B says:

    Reed is pretty naive to think that everyone will conceed. The bigger question is why aren’t citizens asking their representatives how they are going to close the entire budget gap? Reed has made it his mission to attack all city employees about their wages. If all employees take a 10% cut that only solves aprroximately 37 million of the of the ever changing city deficit. I guess today it’s $115 million. Why aren’t they going to the citizens about raising revenue to fix the other $78 million dollar problem they have? If they would have actually fixed anything last year shouldn’t the deficit have gone down more than $3 million? I guess it’s pretty hard to talk about raising taxes when you want your citizens to vote for a new ball park. Great priorities San Jose!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Mika says:

      Reed is doing his best. Pensions are the real culprit. We need pension reforms now. We cant afford lifetime > $100 K pension payments and lifetime free health care for family. Move the pensions to 401k type accounts increase contributions. SF needs to learn from SJ. No more tax increases. Live within our means.

      1. RealityCheck says:

        Mika were you born stupid or did you have to earn it? This current “blame government workers on their pension” craze is a fallacy. The employee pensions are not to blame, rather it is fiscal mismanagement on the part of the legislators and elected leaders. They are trying to foist their lack of sound accounting practices on the backs of the people who work for them. Sounds like corporate America, huh? Yeah, Congress we need a huge bailout and we are going to lay off a ton of people, but as long as I get my bonus it’s all good! The city is spending $120 million on a convention center redo. Last year they finished the police station in the south part of the city, which was immediately pad-locked because the city “did not have the staff to staff it or operate it.” Really??? Then why did you build it in the first place.

  2. TONY P. says:


  3. Kris B says:

    Reed is doing his best. Are you kidding me. Please read something besides online news blips. Despite what the news puts out there very and I mean VERY few city employees actually earn that kind of retirement. I don’t know who you are talking to, but I would also like to know who is getting free health care because it sure isn’t regular city employees. I would agree with you about living withing your means so then cut everyones pay and you still have $78 million dollar problem that they have continued year after year with no answer. San Jose will not sell naming rights to companies to get themselves out of this mess. Reed also voted in past years as a council member for some of these pay raises that he now condems. Reed is all about his next election where ever that may be and again the citizens of San Jose are going to be left holding the bag of problems that he and the current council are creating.

  4. Bloodhounds says:

    Thanks Chuck

  5. A sad day says:

    Take a look in the mirror Chucky, and then try to talk out of both sides of your mouth. Police and Fire are not to blame. The poor management of our Mayor is to blame. When people were making their high salaries and driving their fancy cars nobody ever said that any of their money needed to be passed on to police and fire. Now that the times have changed, it is all because of police and fire. Very sad. The worst part is that the citizens of San Jose will suffer for lack of response and lack of intensity. You can only beat a horse so many times.

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