San Francisco Supes Oppose GGNRA Dog Leash Plan

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — The San Francisco Board of Supervisors went on record Tuesday opposing a federal proposal to restrict parts of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area where dogs can go without a leash.

The board voted 10-1 in favor of a resolution stating opposition to the National Park Service’s plan to reduce the size of off-leash areas for dogs at 21 different locations within the recreation area, including Fort Funston, Crissy Field and Ocean Beach.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

The park service has said the proposal is necessary due to visitor conflicts with dogs and the degradation of park resources by the pets.

Supervisor Scott Wiener, who had introduced the resolution and held a hearing on the issue at the board’s Land Use and Economic Development committee meeting earlier this month, said Tuesday that the park service’s plan “has gone too far” and would negatively affect city parks.

Sean Elsbernd, the lone supervisor to vote against the resolution, said it could harm San Francisco’s partnership with the park service, particularly in the planning of the America’s Cup sailing races in the coming years since much of the activity surrounding the races will take place on federal land along the city’s coastline.

Elsbernd proposed an amendment to the resolution to strike a more conciliatory tone with the park service, saying “we need a collaborative effort to find a solution” to the issues the city has with the plan.

Although aspects of Elsbernd’s amendment were adopted into the resolution, the amendment itself was rejected by the board.

“You can be very collaborative … and still say what they’re doing is wrong,” Wiener said. “We’re all grownups, everyone’s going to continue to work well together after today.”

Even though the resolution is toothless because the board does not have jurisdiction over the park service, Wiener said that since it was introduced, the federal agency has been more willing to come to the table to discuss the proposal with city officials, including the mayor’s office and Recreation and Park Department.

The public comment period for the off-leash plan ends May 30.

People can comment or find out more information about the proposal at

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One Comment

  1. cabbage says:

    Dog owners are part of this area and there is a need for running spaces.
    there are no endangered species or fauna in the areas described in the new regulation. plants will regrow and the birds fly away and are very rarely caught by dogs
    parks are not meant to be museums

    1. Frostbite says:

      actually, there really isn’t as much land for the wild animals as you might think. take the marshes in crissy fields for example. you might think that since you don’t see the migratory birds there, you’re probably not affecting them at all, but in reality, the birds are hiding from humans and dogs. these birds come to the marshlands to feed. if they are constantly scared off, they WILL die off. if they are unable to feed in the marshlands, the next closest place is at SFO and for a small bird, that is an extremely long distance for a tiny bird. birds are constantly chasing birds away, whether you see it or not. and when you say “plants will regrow”… thats not necessarily true. there is a plant called the raven manzanita. this is the lone survivor of this plant species and it is found ONLY in the presidio, and no where else on the planet.. instead of looking at plants and wild animals as objects, you should look at the ecosystem as a whole

      1. Frostbite says:

        oops. i meant dogs are constantly chasing birds away

  2. lettuce says:

    Good. In a city that treats animals better than humans it’s great to see the supes actually using their head for a change. (Other than for political favors or lying to the public)

    Now if you can get the supes to actually take care of CITIZENS and not immigrants then the city may have hope yet.

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