SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) ― San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr told CBS 5 on Sunday night that the SFPD was on heightened alert as news of Osama Bin Laden’s death spread across the globe, spurring the possibility of reprisal attempts on U.S. soil.

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Suhr, who has only been in the role of the city’s top cop for a few days, said that officers would be keeping a close eye on developments and the department would be prepared to respond accordingly to any situation that might arise.

Specifically, the chief told CBS 5 that as a precaution there would be additional uniformed officers deployed through at least Monday at public transit areas — including Bay Area Rapid Transit stations, San Francisco Muni train and bus stations and San Francisco International Airport terminals.

In addition, Suhr said that officers would be doing frequent precautionary checks on the city’s religious institutions, most notably mosques and synagogues.

While Suhr emphasized that there was no specific threat to the city, he indicated that the SFPD was coordinating intelligence with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

With a number of tourist attractions famed worldwide, San Francisco has been on heightened alert periodically over the years for the possibility of terrorist actions.

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Comments (12)
  1. Danix2 says:

    May 1st should be a new holiday!! Businesses and schools shut down this day each year to celebrate!! GOD Bless America!!

    1. fredo b says:

      yep…..agree. this should be a national holiday.

  2. Tours Martel says:

    A terrorist supporting city in fear of terrorists: social justice payback at its best.

    1. co says:

      how is san francisco a terrorist supporting city?

  3. ex-Dragoon says:

    I couldn’t be happier about the death (finally!) of this low-life piece of sh__… I am ex-military- I just wish I could have been the one to pull the trigger. All of America should rejoice in the death of this master terrorist… let other terrorists who threaten this country beware.

    Great job to President Obama, and to the military folks who put this mission together and carried it out… you earned your pay today, and I’m sure the respect of the entire nation. God bless you and take care.

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