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Tech Report: Twitter Reportedly Purchases TweetDeck For $50M

(KCBS) – Twitter has acquired one of its most popular applications, TweetDeck, for about $50 million.

TweetDeck is an application that puts everything in a neat column, making it easy to follow and search.

KCBS Technology Analyst Larry Magid Comments:

KCBS Technology Analyst Larry Magid said this seems to be part of a new trend of third party developers building a product around a big product, and then getting bought by the bigger company.

Magid speculated that one reason Twitter might want to own the application, is to control the advertising placement and user interface.

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  • Sean Cottle

    Funny how your reports continue talking about how adverstising on Twitter with sports professionals & such could be possible. Clubs in Las Vegas make their employee’s create a Facebook accounts to advertise the club to all of their friends. The Managers check the accounts & if you did not post something the day you are working or you did not create the account you are written up &/or fired. This is a good example of how far some companies exploit their employee’s for profit. I forgot to mention that the employee’s do not get payed for this only terminated for not doing it.. I wonder how far some companies will go with the new opportunity on Twitter?

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