Man Dies Weeks After SF Bernal Heights Brawl

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – A man who was brutally beaten in a fight in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood in March has died, and prosecutors filed murder charges Wednesday against another man arrested for the attack.

Sherman Brown, 59, died at a hospital on Tuesday, according to the medical examiner’s office.

Brown had been injured in a fight on March 22 in the 400 block of Prentiss Street. An argument between Brown and the suspect turned physical, and Brown was punched and kicked until he blacked out, according to police.

The suspect, later identified as Anthony Pacrem, was found and arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault.

The charge against Pacrem was amended to murder today after prosecutors received word that Brown had died.

Pacrem had not yet entered a plea on the assault charges. On Thursday, he will be arraigned on the new charges at San Francisco General Hospital, where he is being held for psychiatric evaluation.

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  • reggie

    throw away the key

  • EViLSTeVe

    Bring back the Concealed Weapons Permit. Give “innocent” bystanders something to watch. Even the odds. Help out others in the same situation.
    Weapons are tools, use them properly. Use them when needed.

    or die.

  • Sfctk

    This situation had been building for at least 5 hrs. Sherman spent everyday at all hours entrenched in his alcohol addiction, often with companions drinking out front of his family’s home. He had been a transient and once he could no longer care for himself, he arrived here. Never really any bother, except for public drunkenness, it is unfortunate that no one could intervene to help himself. It is uncertain whether alcohol played a part in how things escalated, but such a shame he did not recover to make a fresh start. Nothing good can come from turning a blind eye and we must show concern and voice our suspicions when it appears that harm is simply mounting. Desperately, many people cannot find their way alone. This was a preventable tragedy.

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