SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – When tolls went up on state run bridges last summer, truckers were exempted, but that will change soon – in a big way. A three-axle truck now pays $6, but on July 1st that jumps to $10.50, with larger rigs paying even more.

KCBS’ Bob Melrose Reports:

When the toll increases were proposed last year trucking companies asked for more time to come into compliance. Bay Area Toll Authority Spokesman John Goodwin said that the truckers were given an exemption for a year so that they could work out new contracts with their shippers.

”It’s not just big-rig trucks, but also a pickup truck hauling a boat trailer for instance, or an RV that tows a smaller vehicle behind it. Any multi-axle vehicle combination will face a toll increase beginning July 1st.

Tolls will remain the same for cars and motorcycles, and won’t change for anyone on the Golden Gate Bridge because it is not state-owned.

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  1. sftparty says:

    the last toll increase was squandered.
    now they want more to loose?

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