MILPITAS (KCBS) – Animal shelters in Silicon Valley are overflowing with small dogs – so much so that animal control officials are imploring would-be pet owners to give serious consideration to adoption over buying a dog from a breeder.

KCBS’ Mike Colgan Reports:

Shelters in the area have more than 300 dogs combined, all available for adoption – an unprecedented number for the region.

“We have a dog problem at all the animal shelters in Silicon Valley right now,” lamented Laura Fulda with Humane Society Silicon Valley. “All of the shelters are full with dogs, particularly Chihuahuas and other small mixed breeds.”

“The economy may be at play here,” she continued. “More families, we’re finding, are having to give up their dogs because they’re moving or they can’t afford them.”

That means there are plenty of specialty pups in need of good homes – something you don’t typically see at shelters.

“Particularly small dogs that are Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes and we think the economy comes into play here,” Fulda again stressed. “A lot of people are having to give up their pets because they’ve lost their job and they’re moving or they’re not able to keep their dog anymore and so through no fault of their own these animals are ending up in shelters here in Silicon Valley.”

In an effort to get more of these dogs out of the shelter setting, a small dog adoption event was planned for May 14 at Humane Society Silicon Valley’s facility, 901 Ames Ave., Milpitas.

“For example, we have Jack Russell mixes here, we’ve got Australian Cattle Dogs, Maltese, Pomeranians, Poodles that are toy mix breeds, Dachshunds, Terriers, miniature Schnauzers,” she outlined the possibilities for any possible pet owner who showed up at the adoption event.

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Comments (3)
  1. Hairball City says:

    California could make a serious dent in the population of animals abandoned or in shelters, if a law were passed making it illegal for rental properties to ban them!
    If it’s illegal to discriminate against renters with children, it should be equally illegal to ban renters with pets.

    Secondly, backyard breeders need to be banned, and those that continue to do so dealt with far more seriously, with stiff fines that should go directly to supporting shelters. Especially during these hard economic times, too many people are trying to make a buck breeding so-called “designer dogs” (aka “mutts”), as well as Chihuahuas and Pit Bulls, and flooding the Craigslist ads with them. Far too many of these animals end up unwanted and in shelters, or worse.

    1. s.f. peaches says:

      I agree completely, Hairball City. It has never occurred to some people what a fine, loving companion they can find if they just visit an animal shelter. We can rescue animals who are in urgent situations, and then they rescue us with unconditional love. If everything is done right, all parties should get a good deal.

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