SAN JOSE (KCBS) – The San Jose Police Department could lay off as many as 300 police officers by June 27th if the Police Officer’s Association doesn’t agree to an ongoing 10 percent pay cut.

Budget study sessions start next week, but the chief of police is pessimistic they’ll be able to avoid additional layoffs. If the layoffs go through, the department’s staffing could be reduced to its level from 1986 despite the city’s growth in population; making it the Bay Area’s largest city.

Police Chief Chris Moore claimed that 122 layoff notices were issued to officers in the sworn ranks last week –something they’ve never had to do before– and noted the “significant impact” on the department.

KCBS’ Mike Colgan Reports:

“When you’re laying off hundreds, it’s not good. If we don’t get some of the concessions we need within the next six weeks or so, we’re facing probably double the layoffs,” said Moore.

City Councilman Sam Liccardo agreed that no one wants to layoff police officers, but concluded that there is an “extraordinary amount of dollars going into retirement costs”, that forces the layoffs and cuts to services.

San Jose faces closing a $115 million budget deficit by June 30th.

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Comments (3)
  1. Misinformed says:

    I heard they gave 10 percent last year. 4% cut and saved the city addtl 5 or so by putting more into retirement. I talked to my friend and he is putting 23% into retirement. Geez. He said the union submitted two contracts; both with 10% and the city rejected. He said the city couldn’t even agree to no or minimized layoffs.
    I guess the morale of their dept is having an effect on the homicide rate. It’s staggering!

    1. Lorraine says:

      Officers have made concessions. The public is being misinformed. Get your act together and save these jobs. Our city will go down the tubes with these massive layoffs; it has already.

  2. RealityCheck says:

    According to your mayor, it is all the fault of public employees. Let us not think about the new police station in the southern part of the city that they built and immediately closed. Really, you did not have the where with all to open it and save the cops driving 45 minutes to get to their patrol area, how much gas would that save? How much response time would that save? How more efficient would that make the SJPD? But no, it is all the fault of city workers that San Jose is in this financial crisis. It is NOT the fault of the mayor and other “leaders” who have engaged in serious fiscal mismanagement and lack of basic accounting practices. No, you are just going to foist this as being the fault of the people who work for the city, yeah, that’s the ticket. Just remember all you elected officials, this will come back to haunt you come election time. But I am sure you will have a whole new set of lies and strategies prepared by then. And the idiot public will have forgotten.

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