Mountain Lion Spotted In Woodside Neighborhood

WOODSIDE (CBS SF) — A mountain lion was spotted Saturday morning in Woodside, San Mateo County officials said.

It was seen about 7 a.m. in the area of the 700 block of West Glen Way.

Residents are advised not to hike or jog when mountain lions are most active at dawn, dusk or night. They should also keep an eye on small children.

Anyone who encounters a mountain lion should pick up children, face the animal, make noise, and try to look bigger by waving the arms and throwing rocks.

More information about mountain lions is available at:

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  • Tours Martel

    I recommend that the DF&G traps the mountain lion using the children of animal rights advocates as bait. After all, “a boy is a pig is a mouse”. I am sure that they would be willing to make such a sacrifice as a service to the community.

  • Bloodhounds

    Hope they don’t kill it. They could bring it up to SF and let it loose to take care of the coyote problem here. Glen Canyon, Laguna Honda Hospital, Presidio, and Golden Gate Park.

    • sfraised

      We don’t have a coyote problem in SF, we have a dumb people problem.

      • Bloodhounds

        I’m a native too. We do have a coyote problem in SF. I guess you don’t walk in the parks. There are fliers posted around the city warning about coyotes. I’ve seen 2 in the last week on the Laguna Honda Hospital property.Your right we do have alot of dumb people in SF.

  • Joe Nokbakasake

    Check the collar tags, I think it’s just the Most Interesting Man in the World’s pet cat.

  • wild

    I live with them on my land and have never had any worries!

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