One Of America’s ‘Most Wanted’ Arrested In Oakland

OAKLAND (CBS/AP) – Federal officials announced their capture of a man in Oakland who was on the nation’s 15 Most Wanted list as the suspected killer of another man in November 2010.

Sean Michael Sullivan, 32, was wanted in connection with the Nov. 4 homicide in the 7800 block of Outlook Avenue in Oakland, according to the U.S. Marshals Service.

On that evening in November, Sullivan was arguing over an outstanding debt when he took out a firearm and shot two men, paralyzing one from the waist down and killing the other, according to the marshals service.

Prior to the altercation, Sullivan had a federal warrant for his arrest for violating a supervised release from a drug conviction that had a seven-year sentence, officials said.

With the help of Oakland police, federal authorities found Sullivan on Thursday in a marijuana grow house in Oakland and arrested him, according to the marshals service.

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  • Jgirl

    Oakland? Imagine that??

    • el polacko

      because there are no criminals in any other bay area city, right ? sheesh.

  • tn

    With all the cuts in the OPD and the legacy of ineptitude that Harris, Brown and Dellums left behind, it’s probably the safest place for criminals to hide- in plain sight…

  • Jo Dean

    Looks like his luck has finally run out lol

  • monica

    lololololololololo did i forget to say HHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

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